Loving You Is The Hardest Thing: OneDirectionFanfic

A girl named Mackenzie starts getting hit on by the biggest jerk in school, but he says he's changed and will not take advantage of her. She starts talking to his friends to make sure she could trust him, but it is the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Should she trust him, or not?


1. School

Mackenzie's POV;

   As I walked into class I noticed everyone staring at me. I thought I looked bad today, but all I did was threw on a striped red shirt, a red scarf, dark blue shorts and my red TOMS. I put my red-ish blonde-brown hair up in a messy bun and had on a little mascara to make my blue eyes pop. Plus i had my freckles that I love. I sat down at my desk and turned to my friend Kaitlyn, she is so pretty. She has chocolate brown hair and blue-ish hazel eyes. she had on blue TOMS, a blue floral shirt and light blue skinny jeans on, with a little mascara like me. "Why is everyone staring at me?" I questioned. "because someone likes you" she winked at me. No one ever really liked me so it was very surprising to me. I've only had three boyfriends and i'm already 18 "WHO?!?!" I whisper-yelled. "Styles" she answered "STYLES, HARRY STYLES" I yelled causing everyone to stare at me. "But, he's such a jerk" I mumbled. Harry Styles hit on every girl at our school and relationships he had only lasted about two days then he was off trying to get another girl. "Yea, but you two would look so cute together." Kaitlyn answer in a 'sweet' voice. "you should give him a chance" "No thank you" I replied quickly.

'2 hours later' 

   "hay babe" I heard as someone hugs me from behind. "What do you want Styles" I said furiously turning around and looking into his green eyes  "All I want is you" he whispered into my ear. "You can't just walk up to me and think you can have me" I spat at him. "I can't?" he said pouting. Honestly this boy needs some serious help. "NO! Girls are not toys and you can't just drop them you get bored, Bye Asshole" I stomped away leaving him there, alone. 

Harry's POV;

   I was only joking with her. She really speaks her mind, and I like that about her. Now she won't ever give me a chance, but I deeply love her. I wonder if there is a way to show her I changed. WAIT! I have an idea but I highly doubt it will work. I might as well try. 

'The next day'

   Ok today I have to show Mackenzie I honestly love her, and show her i've changed and im not a jerk. I walked through the school halls looking for her and saw her talking to her friend, I mean BestFriend  Kaitlyn. I think Kaitlyn noticed me coming towards them because she looked at Mackenzie, winked, and walked away. "Now what styles" Mackenzie said furiously. "you, to be mine" i replied softly "how can i trust you to not dump me in a day!" she yelled. "I-uh-erm-" I was cut off. "Spit it out!" she screamed very displeased. "I can't show you. all you have to do is give me a chance!" i said while pouting. She gave out a 'pfft' and walked away.

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