Loving You Is The Hardest Thing: OneDirectionFanfic

A girl named Mackenzie starts getting hit on by the biggest jerk in school, but he says he's changed and will not take advantage of her. She starts talking to his friends to make sure she could trust him, but it is the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Should she trust him, or not?


3. I'm Getting Deep Feelings For You

Harry's POV;

  She's Actually giving me a chance, but I only get one so i better be good to her! I think I will just take her back to my flat and meet my mates. "How would you like to come to my flat later and meet my mates" I asked very excited. "already have met them" She said with an evil voice. "What did you do!" I yelled, very girly. She giggled, which was really cute. "I asked them if i should give you a chance" "oh ok, well thats fine" I said laughing. "I will only come if kaitlyn comes" she demanded "fine" I moaned "YAY!" she screamed "see you at 6" I said as she ran off.


  'knock on the door' "I WILL GET IT!" Niall Yelled. "NO I WILL" I yelled louder and rushed to open the door. "Hi!" mackenzie said very cheerfully. "Hello there" i said pulling her into a hug.

Mackenzie's POV;

   When Harry touched me, shivers went down my body. He was warm and made me feel safe. wait, oh no. I'm falling in love with one of the biggest jerks in West Hill High. I Can't help it, i'm getting deep feelings for him. "Hello?" I heard a faint voice. "Oh sorry, I was zoned out for a second there" I blushed. "It's fine" harry laughed. "well, Harry this is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn, this is Harry but you might already know that from school" I giggled. "yeah" Kaitlyn said trying to hold in her laughter. "Well, lets go she the boys" Harry sad in a very joyful way. 

Kaitlyn's POV; 

   As we walked into the main room i noticed Niall sitting on the couch. I tried not to stare because i didn't want to look stupid, but I couldn't help it. Everything about him was amazing. I just want to hug him my whole life. Mackenzie, Harry, and I sat down on the empty couch. I noticed Naill staring at me, but as soon as i looked at him he turned away. I wonder If he likes me.

Mackenzie's POV; 

   All was quiet until... "LET'S PLAY TRUE OR DARE!" one of Harry's friends with chocolate brown hair, brown eyes and wearing a striped shirt and suspenders shouted. "once we introduce our selves" said someone softly, but i couldn't tell who it was. We all went in a circle saying our names, Louis, Naill, Kaitlyn, Mackenzie, Harry, Liam, Zayn. "OK LETS PLAY NOW!" shouted louis. "fine" Liam moaned. I could already tell Liam didn't like games. "I will go first!" shouted Louis very happily. "calm down Lou" said Zayn in a very soft monotoned voice. "NIALL! Truth or Dare" "Dare" Niall seemed pretty confident about his picked, but i've known louis for 7 mins and i know his dare will be pure evil. "I DARE YOU TO KISS ANYONE IN THIS ROOM, ANYONE!"

Niall's POV; 

   Great, I had to kiss someone. Well, I don't wanna kiss any of the guys because i didnt want to look gay infront of the girls so it was either Mackenzie or Kaitlyn. I don't want to pick Mackenzie just because Harry likes her, so i pick Kaitlyn. I stood up and sat beside Kaitlyn and before I knew it our lips met. Surprisingly, she kissed back and i liked it, a lot, I didn't want to stop. Suddenly, a pillow hit us. "That's enough, if you wanna kiss more do it later we are still playing a game here!" Liam laughed. I'm growing deep feelings for Kaitlyn even though we barley talked

Kaitlyn's POV;

   Did that really just happen? Did i just kiss Niall? Did I really kiss back? Did he like it? Does he like me? I'M SO CONFUSED! So many questions are going through my head. I don't know whats going to happen now that that just happened. I'm getting deep feelings for Niall.



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