(not for people with weak stomachs)
Juliette is being hunted. But this killer doesn't want to just hurt her physically, he wants to hurt her mentally first. Soon Juliette realizes no one she is linked to is safe. Will she be able to protect her family from this mad man? Or will Juliette always be haunted by HIM?


1. Prologue

~Juliette's POV~

The window had never looked so dirty. Sure, it had been dusty, but mud caked the rims and the glass had been broken. I stared at the window, remembering when it had been my only friend, when I never had anything to worry about and I would always watch the autumn leaves slowly fall from the branches. It made the front yard look so beautiful. Now the yard was filled with overgrown plants, fallen trees, broken glass, and me. The house had taken a beating as well. Vines crawled up the sides of the house, hiding its original chestnut brown color. I found the steps to the porch under a pile of battered wood and branches. Then I saw it, the reason why I had come here. And so I cried. I ran to my father’s old rocking chair, mother’s knit blanket slung over the back. Tears falling down my face like a gushing waterfall, I sat in the chair and pulled the blanket out from behind me. I pulled it around my shoulders even though it was damp, ripped and moldy. It was all I had left and I couldn’t believe I let this happen. To me, to my family, to my home.

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