(not for people with weak stomachs)
Juliette is being hunted. But this killer doesn't want to just hurt her physically, he wants to hurt her mentally first. Soon Juliette realizes no one she is linked to is safe. Will she be able to protect her family from this mad man? Or will Juliette always be haunted by HIM?


6. Chapter 5

 ~Emilie's POV~


      I’m leaving for college in a week. I’m more than petrified.

      “Em, did you make room for Teresa in your room?” Mom called from where she was wrapping up Teresa’s wounded leg.

      “Still working on it,” I complained.

      Teresa had made messes in every room in the house. She also screamed in the middle of the night. She had been staying with us for two days now. I was not pleased that Mom had chosen for me to board her until I left.

      Liam and Justin were going to sleep on the couch. I still can’t believe that he came back! I had been so young when he left. After everything that he left us with and gave us no word from Texas, we had thought nothing more than he was dead. But it wasn’t Liam who was dead, it was Megan.

      I still couldn’t believe it.

      Besides, I didn’t even know he had a wife and two kids.

      “Emmy!” Teresa called, wobbling into my bedroom. Her leg was still recovering. “I have something for you!”

      “What is it Teresa?” I said in a sing-song voice. I wanted to be cool Aunt Emmy, not dull Aunt Emilie.

      She held out her hands and in her hands was a little silver dagger, covered with, was that dried blood?

      I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

      “This is what killed Mommy,” Teresa said, her little hands holding the monstrous thing.

      Then she ran out to the hallway and dragged in a laundry basket filled with kitchen knives, toy swords, butter knives, any possible household item that you could classify as a knife was in the basket.

      “Did... did you take that dagger out of your mother?” I asked shakily.

      “No, she told me I could have it. I didn’t steal it!” She was defending herself.

      “Teresa, your mother is dead.”

      “I know.”

      “Then how could she have possibly told you to take the dagger?”

      “When I was sleeping, she told me: ‘Teresa, I will be the first of many to die and when I die you need to take my killer with you. I mean the weapon, not the person. Make sure you protect your brother and your father. Always remember, I love you baby.’”

      She recited it from memory. Every last word.

      I’m going crazy.

      She set the bloody dagger on my bed and left the laundry basket on my floor.

      I had no words.

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