(not for people with weak stomachs)
Juliette is being hunted. But this killer doesn't want to just hurt her physically, he wants to hurt her mentally first. Soon Juliette realizes no one she is linked to is safe. Will she be able to protect her family from this mad man? Or will Juliette always be haunted by HIM?


5. Chapter 4

~Juliette's POV~


He pulled out the blanket.


      Emilie fainted.

      Mom cried.

      Dad swore.

      I knew.


      I knew exactly how and why this happened.


      It was September 7, 2001. I was 12.

      I was on IM when I got a message from a guy I had never seen before. His profile was pretty hot.


      sexybeast69: hey babe(;

      jrc175: hi. who r u?

      sexybeast69: ur new boyfriend (;

      jrc175: excuse me?

      sexybeast69: i’ll be over 2nite. look for me(;


      I panicked. Who was this guy?

      A week later, I got a call on my cell.

      “Hey babe. Meet me in the park and wear something sexy.”

      I quickly hung up. Who did he think he was?

      Then he found me. I was walking home from school and someone pulled me into a nearby garage.

      “Ready for the experience of a lifetime, babe?” he laughed and pulled off his shirt. He then put it back on and said, “Actually, why don’t you take this off?” He played with the fabric of my t-shirt.

      I screamed loudly and he faltered. I took the opportunity and ran out of the garage.  He grabbed a hold of my locket and pulled on it. The locket broke and I ran away, with him standing outside of his garage with my broken locket. It was the locket my grandmother had given me the day she died. I bet he still has it. I’ll bet he’s waiting for me to come back for it.

      I called 911 right when I got home.  I reported his appearance, the location of the garage and the fact that he had my locket.

      They did end up finding him and he was arrested for attempted rape and sexual abuse.

      A month ago, he broke out of jail.

      A month ago, I got a call.

      “Hello?” I had said.

      “I will get you and your family. I will get my revenge,” the voice of sexybeast69 said into the phone.

      I hung up and slumped down onto my bed, my head was pounding.

He was coming and I couldn’t tell anyone. They wouldn’t believe me.

      I had to fix this on my own.

      And now that Megan was gone, the games had begun.

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