(not for people with weak stomachs)
Juliette is being hunted. But this killer doesn't want to just hurt her physically, he wants to hurt her mentally first. Soon Juliette realizes no one she is linked to is safe. Will she be able to protect her family from this mad man? Or will Juliette always be haunted by HIM?


4. Chapter 3



~Liam's POV~


We were all on the couch when I told them. Megan had been killed.

      Megan was my wife. When I moved to Texas, I picked up a job as a mechanic. Megan brought in her car and I fixed it up. But she didn’t leave there with just her car, she left with my heart wrapped around her little finger. Soon enough, we started dating and we had Justin. Two years later, we were married and a year after that, Teresa was born. All that time though, I couldn’t forget about my family back in Pennsylvania. 

      Then, just a week ago, I was playing video games with Justin on the couch. We had waited four hours outside of the nearby Game Stop to buy this new War King 3 game. Teresa and Megan were already sleeping and we stayed up late. But it wasn’t late enough. He came at 4:00 a.m.

      Teresa had had a bad dream (she told me this after I finally convinced her that if she told me what happened things would get better) so she had gone into our bedroom to have Megan comfort her. He was there. Just as Teresa walked in, Megan shrieked, and he stabbed her. Dead. Teresa had just witnessed the brutal killing of her mother. Blood stained the sheets and the knife. The killer pulled it slowly out of Megan’s lifeless body, her eyes still open, and he thrust it at the little four-year-old girl. There would be no witnesses. She screamed and jumped out of the way. Teresa’s eyes shone with fear as the murderer pulled out a gun and loaded it. She prayed to the Good Lord he wouldn’t take her life today. The man pulled the trigger and the bullet flew into her leg. She tumbled to the ground. He escaped out the open window, the same way he came; Megan had left it open for a nice breeze to cool the hot Texas summer heat. That small, everyday decision had cost her her life.

      I heard her. I jumped up from the couch where I had been sleeping. Teresa, I thought, where is she? Her cries led me to the bedroom.

      I almost fainted.

      Teresa’s blood from her leg stained the tan carpet, her eyes were rolled back in her head, and her body was slumped in an uncomfortable position on the ground at my feet.

      Then I saw Megan.

      The red pool than now surrounded her had seeped into the sheets, the pillows, and worst of all, our wedding blanket. Blood was splattered onto our knitted faces and covered the image of Megan’s beautiful wedding dress, the thread made it look so real, it was chilling. Then I saw what had been written in her blood on the bottom.


      I stifled a scream. Teresa was still unconscious on the floor, Megan’s now ironic ‘I donated blood!’ shirt was now covered in the sticky red liquid.

      I leaned across the bed and kissed her on the forehead. I closed her eyes before picking up Teresa and running into the living room. She deserved that at least.

      “Justin! Justin, wake up!” I cried, tears streamed down my face now. Reality had just slapped me in the face.

      “Dad? What’s wron—?” Justin stopped. “What the hell happened to Teresa?” he said, his eyes filled with fear as he examined his younger sister.

      “First of all,” I said sternly, “we do not use that language, and second, go pack everything and get in the car!”

      “Dad, why...” Justin started, his eyes also getting wet.

      “Just go! And pack your sister’s things too.”

      After I had set Teresa down on the couch, I ran back to the bedroom. I packed clothes and all of necessities, and a few of Megan’s memorabilia, like the kids’ baby books. I also grabbed the wedding blanket, covered with blood and all.

      I grabbed all the money I had on me and jumped into the car. Justin and Teresa were both already there. I knew the first person the police always suspected in these cases were the spouses, and I knew leaving wouldn’t make my situation any better. But we couldn’t stay here, and I needed to protect my kids.

      As my foot slammed on the gas, I checked the clock. Five o'clock in the morning. Then I pulled into the bank drive-thru. Good thing they were open twenty-four hours.

      “Where’s Mom?” Justin asked. He was holding Teresa tightly, and I could tell he was shaking too.

      “Gone, Justin,” I said, taking all the money out of my bank account and Megan’s. “She’s gone.”

      Now there was only one place I could go.



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