She Is Always There

Know that she is always there, watching over you.


2. My Heart Will Go On

When I woke up, I immediately looked at my alarm clock. It was 1:17 am, a Saturday. I knew that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, so I grabbed my violin and walked right out the door towards the graveyard. My mother wouldn't care. She never cared about anything anymore, not since my father died. When he left, so did the light from our lives.

Approaching his grave, I looked around. Nothing except for the moon shining, pouring its soft, white light all over the gray, gloomy grave. I came to a stop in front of his grave, knelt down, and read the words engraved:

Richard Hathaway

Beloved friend, family,

But most of all, father.

I reached over and pulled my violin out of its case. The smooth wood shone against the moonlight. I tuned it and grabbed my bow.

"This is for you dad." I whispered.

Then I began to play the melody for 'My Heart Will Go On,' one of his all time favorite songs. The words came to me effortlessly as I softly sang each note. When I finished, I placed my violin on its case next to the floor and grabbed the necklace around my neck. I was a small, black cross entwined with silver and a blue sapphire in the center. When I rubbed it, she appeared seconds later. My guardian angel, May. Her inky black wings expanded and glittered. She wore a silk, black nightgown. Her hair, black with red tips.

I looked into her deep blue eyes, and some of the darkness from her wings escaped into the air. She slowly became brighter.

"You have finally let go of the darkness in your life. Though I must go, remember, I will always be here for you. Here is your final gift."

She spoke the words as her body became translucent. I held her hand as she went, finally disappearing into the night, only leaving a white feather, tinged blue in her place. I picked it up and wrapped it around my necklace. It shattered leaving dust in my hand. Sprinkling it over my back, wings, the same as the feather, erupted. Minus all the black, I was now a mirror image of May. I was an angel.


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