Forever Dancer

Well, this is it...Michelle Skorks is trying out for jazz lessons at Mary Lynn's dance studio. No matter what she wanted be a dancer. Sure, she wasn't in the best figure for her age but nothing could stop her one and only dream. Other than dance she struggles with keeping her friendship with her best friend Lucy Johnson at their school, East End Junior High. Will saving her friendship risk her dancing dream?


2. The Story

Many students that attend East End Junior High, the school the Michelle and Lucy go to, wonder how and why they...well...broke apart. Stories are told, and rumors are spread, but none of them are true. There is only one true story.

Near the first day of school, Michelle and Lucy decided to go back to school shopping. Though it was exciting for both of them Michelle had this feeling inside of her. No, it wasn't happiness nor guilt, but fear. Outside, she had the biggest smile spread across her face, but inside, her knees were trembling, hands shaking, and her head went numb. Soon, the fear spread all over Michelle expressions and Lucy began to notice. "Are you okay? Your'e as pale as a ghost!" Lucy said concerned. "Um...truthfully, no." Michelle said nervously. "Why? Whats the matter?" Lucy questioned. "I don't know...I don't feel confident in myself this year. I have gained some weight over the summer and I'm scared of what people in our school are going to say!" Michelle moaned. "Seriously?! That's why? That's so stupid Michelle!" Lucy explained annoyed and irritated. "You know the people in our school! You see how mean they can get! Everywhere you look there is a kid getting bullied! And that kid is going to be me!" Michelle fought back. Silence filled the rest of the car ride and neither of them spoke to each other.

A few days later, Michelle felt bad and decided to give Lucy a call. 1...2...3... Michelle counted the long phone rings buzzing in her ears. "Hello?" Someone was on the other end. Lucy. Yes. Michelle thought to herself. "HELLO?!" Lucy repeated. "Um...hey." Michelle said. Lucy continued. "What do you want?" "First of all, I'm sorry, second of all I have great news!" Michelle said with a soft sigh. "Okay? Just get to the point!" Lucy snapped. "Well I am trying out for dance classes next month! I'm hoping that it will help me loose weight...and of coarse fulfill my one dream of being a dancer!" Michelle said in reply. "It will fulfill my dream of being a dancer!!" Lucy said teasingly. What's wrong with her today? Michelle thought. Just then, Michelle heard giggles. Familiar giggles. One was Michelle's, but who did the others belong to? Then, it hit her. Michelle had been hanging out with Sarah Cole, Michelle's enemy. Lucy began, "I have to go, see you around loser!" More giggles. Then, the thing that started this all. Silence.

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