Forever Dancer

Well, this is it...Michelle Skorks is trying out for jazz lessons at Mary Lynn's dance studio. No matter what she wanted be a dancer. Sure, she wasn't in the best figure for her age but nothing could stop her one and only dream. Other than dance she struggles with keeping her friendship with her best friend Lucy Johnson at their school, East End Junior High. Will saving her friendship risk her dancing dream?


5. Mary Lynn's Dance Studio

Of coarse Michelle was excited, but displayed a frown on her pimple free face. Ever since she walked into her class room that day, she has been down. Tugging on the cold door handle to Mary Lynn's Dance studio, a bunch of thoughts rushed though her clogged mind. What if I'm a bad dancer? What if people here and at school continue to make fun of me? What if I don't make any friends? What if I never have a best friend again? She froze.

Inside the dance room it seemed that everyone except Michelle had a friend. Best friend. Everyone was laughing, exchanging numbers, reuniting. Suddenly her dance teacher, Ms. Kelly announced, "Alright everyone! Let's get started! I know it's the first day and all, but we need to get moving." Michelle quickly found an empty space in the back corner. Ms. Kelly started to play Call Me Maybe  on the radio. Ms. Kelly began, "And a five a six a seven and..." She was stopped when a skinny, short girl hurried in. She had brown hair, emerald eyes, and was wearing black leggings and a navy blue tank top. "S-sorry" the girl apologized. She quickly took the open spot next to Michelle. "Hi!" She introduced herself, "My name is Megan." Michelle was surprised, yet welcomed. "My name is Michelle. Nice to meet you!" They both gave each other a warm, friendly smile. Then, there was silence. Not the silence that Michelle was used to. It was more soft, gentle, and peaceful. It was friendship. 

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