Forever Dancer

Well, this is it...Michelle Skorks is trying out for jazz lessons at Mary Lynn's dance studio. No matter what she wanted be a dancer. Sure, she wasn't in the best figure for her age but nothing could stop her one and only dream. Other than dance she struggles with keeping her friendship with her best friend Lucy Johnson at their school, East End Junior High. Will saving her friendship risk her dancing dream?


4. Getting Ready

It was just one bad day, soon I will be in my happy place, Mary Lynn's Dance Studio, it was just a bad day, one bad day. Michelle continued to comfort and reassure herself. Not long after, she saw her mom's black Jeep Patriot pull up in the newly paved parking lot. Michelle scurried away from the drama, gossip, and rumors and hopped out the front doors of her school. Inhaling the fresh Autumn air, she thought about what it would be like to just forget about Lucy and Sarah and just focus on dancing. A better life. She thought. 

As her mom started the engine she asked her daily question, "How was school, Hun?" Michelle hated this question. It got more irritating the more she heard it. "Fine, Just hurry home!" Michelle snapped. "Oh.." Mrs. Skorks whispered.

The rest of the car ride wasn't awkward nor strange. It was something Michelle was used to. Silence.


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