Forever Dancer

Well, this is it...Michelle Skorks is trying out for jazz lessons at Mary Lynn's dance studio. No matter what she wanted be a dancer. Sure, she wasn't in the best figure for her age but nothing could stop her one and only dream. Other than dance she struggles with keeping her friendship with her best friend Lucy Johnson at their school, East End Junior High. Will saving her friendship risk her dancing dream?


3. At school

So now you know what the true story is and why Lucy and Michelle are two, broken at heart, best friends.

Wobbling off the unsteady bus, she heard the first period bell ring. She began to speed Hurrying through the maze of gossiping people, she reminded herself of who to avoid. Lucy. 

Quietly opening the door to her Algebra class, Mrs. Robert, her teacher gave her a glance, letting Michelle know that she was late to class. Swiftly, Michelle grabbed the only seat to Lucy. Michelle thought, This couldn't POSSIBLY be happening. First, I was late to class, and now I have to sit next to...  "Michelle I asked you a question!" complained Mrs. Robert. "Um...1944?" Michelle replied unsure. Laughter filled the stuffy classroom, And third, I the laughing stalk of the day. Michelle let out a deep sigh and allowed the painful laughter ring in her ears.

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