Forever Dancer

Well, this is it...Michelle Skorks is trying out for jazz lessons at Mary Lynn's dance studio. No matter what she wanted be a dancer. Sure, she wasn't in the best figure for her age but nothing could stop her one and only dream. Other than dance she struggles with keeping her friendship with her best friend Lucy Johnson at their school, East End Junior High. Will saving her friendship risk her dancing dream?


1. The Firsrt Day

BZZZZZZ! Michelle Skorks's old Barbie alarm clock rings. Opening her droopy eyes she moans while trudging out of bed. She slightly glances toward her calender. "Ugh.." She groaned, "Just another boring day of..." She squints her darting eyes at the calender, October 11th to be exact. "What?!?" Michelle squealed excitedly. The calender read "Jazz classes begin, 5:30-7:00".

After jumping around her unorganized room, she quickly pulled on her clothes, slipped on some sneakers and headed for the kitchen. "What are you so excited about?" her father asked. Michelle was never this excited. Especially after what happened between her and Lucy Johnson, her best friend. "Oh, nothing just first dance class ever is today!!" Michelle replied. Mr. Skorks continued,  "Well you better hurry because your school bus is going to be here any minute, and don't forget to finish all your homework before you go to this lesson for dancing, also you must be..." "Bye dad!" Michelle hurried out the door, pranced down the creaky porch, and ran down the unpaved driveway, just as a small school pulled over.

Sliding into the damp, torn seat, she thought to her self, "Finally."


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