The Killer of Maple Star Academy

There is a killer at Maple Star Academy who is killing inconnent girl's who is the killer and why are they killer. Detective Mia Michaelson is on the case and she must find the killer before the killer finds her.


1. Case 1

I brushed my long black hair and walked into the crime scene even before I could see the body I knew it was  going to be not pretty. I walked carefully around the scene making sure I wasn't tampering any evidence. Someone tapped my shoulder I turned around and was face to face next to a orange haired man.

"Detective Michaelson I'm officer Dean Brown the body is over there" he pointed nearby and handed me a report on her. I walked and looked at the young girl lying on the floor. It was a pretty young girl about 14 year old with long red hair and blue eyes. There was a bruise on her arms a purplish colour, a scar on her cheek and a cut from her neck where blood was lying. I opened the report and began reading.

Name. Jessicca Stone




Mother: Lola Stone

Father: Peter Wilson

Sister: Amy Stone(9)

Brother: Carter Stone(16)

Medically:Bruised on her arm suggest someone grabbing her hardly, scar on cheek suggest was cut with knife also slitted neck and major blood loss died of slitted neck. Was reported not in lessons on Monday 7th March 2012 and found dead in her dormitory. Killed like other's many girls killed here. I shut the report and looked for officer Brown. When I found him drinking some hot coffee and looking around.

"Officer Brown" I exclaimed.

"Yes detective" Dean answered.

"Have you phoned the girl's parents" I asked.

"Yes they are here outside in the lobby" Dean mumbled. I nodded and walked into the lobby to see a woman with long red hair crying who I though mum a young teenage boy comforting her who I assumed was the brother.

"I'm sorry Mrs Stone I'm so sorry for your loss" I mumbled.

"My mother is unable to talk" the brother replied.

"I am so sorry and I will find your sister's murderer I promise on my life" I exclaimed.

"Thank you can we see her one last time and how did she die" the brother asked.

"You can see her after she's better to see and it was a murder loads of girls are getting murdered here" I answered.

"Then how will you find the murderer" the brother interrupted.

"Don't worry I will find the murderer for your sister even if I have to risk my life to do it" I replied confidently.

"Thank you detective" the brother exclaimed.

"call me Mia please detective sounds so old I'm only 22" I retorted.

"Mia" the brother corrected himself.

"don't worry you can trust me" I replied.

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