When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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10. Voice

When I walked back in the boys had recovered from their 'shock' you could say. I sat down where I was before and I looked down at my hands and waited for someone, anyone to speak up. 

"Well, what did you think, don't just sit there and not say anything, it makes it awkward and my bet Lizzy is feeling just as awkward as you are right about now so speak up!" Riane said making me smile. 

"That was incredible, Lizzy, it really was." Liam spoke out.

"I agree, I mean I thought that Demi Lovato had a good voice but you girl, topped it!" Louis said causing me to smile.

"I told you, did I not tell you that you could sing Lizzy?" Harry pointed out. 

I looked up and smiled at them all even though Niall and Zayn didn't say anything. "Thanks you guys" I sighed, I had nothing to worry about, nothing at all, they thought I was good, though I wasn't, and thats all that matters. Right? 

Later we had all decided on going out and hanging out today. We were either going to the Beach, My house, or we were going to this secret place Niall knows about - I am guessing it is food related or has food - or we would just hang out here and do random stuff. 

"I kinda want to go to my house, its the what third week of this month?" They nodded. "Yeah my brother and sister are coming over next week so if we are going to hang out, it has to be there, and I need to do some shopping and get food and drinks and well, stuff for two seven year olds to do for a week away from home" I told them. 

"Okay we go to your house, hang for a while, you go get food and stuff, and we can clean your house... I guess" Zayn answered.

I laughed. "You five are going to 'clean my house... You guess'." I replied.

"Yeah why not." Niall said. I rolled my eyes and muttered, whatever, and I went to Harry's room to get my stuff. 

I was laughing at the thought of five teenage boys cleaning an entire house. I walked back out and everyone was there, waiting, apparently for me. I got my shoes and sweater on and we walked/ran to the car, drove to my house, parked out back and made our way inside. I smiled and looked around when I got in. "Okay, dish soap is under the sink, and the rest of the tools you will need is either also under the kitchen sink, or, in the closet at the end of the hallway, okay and no going in my room, I have a way of knowing if you did." I told them as  Riane pulled me out the door.

"Can you believe this One Direction id cleaning your house, I honestly would not be surprised if Harry Potter and Sirius Black came zooming over our heads on broomsticks and some loser started  sparkling like a vampire and another cool kid turned into a giant werewolf!" Riane exclaimed as we got in the car.

"Sirius Black is dead, remember?" I told her. 

"Way to harsh my mood!" She complained as we drove off to the supermarket where we bought, Kraft Dinner, Chicken and Rice for tonight and other food as well as A TON of juice boxes and jugs. As well as 5 boxes of assorted cereals, 3 boxes of waffles and 8 cartons of milk. We also bought movies and Xbox and Wii games, colouring books, crayons and pencil crayons as well as other stuff for them to do while they were at my house. 

We drove back after paying for everything and when we arrived back at my house I carried in two bags and set them in the kitchen, heading to the living room where I found the boys. "Well come on than and help carry things in, we can't do it by ourselves. There's a lot of stuff!" I told them putting my hands on my hips. I must of scared them because they had looks of terror on their faces till they realized it was only me and not some Serial Killer. 

We all collapsed exhausted in the living room after bringing in, unpacking and putting away everything I bought. 

"Well I hope they have enough cause I cannot spend any more money on them that was the most stuff I have ever bought them." I said as I caught my breath. The boys nodded and didn't say anything, to exhausted to speak.  

After about twenty minutes we had all caught our breath and I spoke. "Well if you guys are gonna stay, you better go get clothes for however long you are staying, they will be here in like 3 hours and I have to have dinner ready when they get here." 

"Okay we'll go get clothes and be back, but shouldn't we arrange sleeping?" Liam asked.

"Oh yeah I forgot. Okay Riane and Zayn you can have the pull-out bed in the basement. Liam and Niall can have the couches in the living room and Harry and Louis can sleep on the floor. Is that alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, except, since it would be easier on you, I could sleep with you in your room." Harry said. "Since we slept together in the hotel that is." He added as I blushed and looked down. Before I could reply Niall spoke up.

"No, I think Lizzy should have her privacy while we are at her house." 

"Yeah, I guess I should then." I added. 

Harry glared at Niall which made me kind of confused. They left and I heard someone talking and then the sound of someone hitting someone else. Confusing. 

"You haven't figured it out yet?" Riane asked as I moved away from the door and to the kitchen.

"Figured out what?" I asked her back as I got down a pot and a frying pan.

"Harry and Niall like you, like they like you, like you!" She answered.

"They do not, don't be rediculous." I said.

"They do! That's why Niall wouldn't let Harry sleep in your room and Harry glared at him for it! I can't believe you didn't get that Miss A plus student!" She shouted back. I just rolled my eyes and laughed at the thought.

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