When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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16. They Return

Niall's P.O.V

When Spencer got back with Andria and Alex all I could do was hate him with all my being. I liked Lizzy, he shouldn't. He is probably just gonna break her heart. I couldn't allow that. 

Andria and Alex ran straight to their rooms and I prayed the Louis and Harry had cleaned up any mess they had made. 

Spencer sat beside Lizzy again and they kissed again. I wished we were back to that morning when I had found her cuddling with Harry and then I had made her lean on me by tickling her. I wished this was all some bad dream. I wished and I wished but nothing. 

Sighing I got up and went to the kitchen for food. Liam ended up following me. 

"You okay Niall?" He asked me.

"Yeah why wouldn't I be Liam?" 

"Because you like Lizzy, everyone knows it, well Lizzy probably doesn't but everyone else does we can tell by the way you look at her, it's the same way Zayn looks at Riane. The way Louis looks at Eleanor. We know you like her. Are you sure you're okay?"

Was I making it that obvious? "No, Liam, I'm not sure. I don't want Spencer to hurt Lizzy, I  don't want her to ever not be okay. Does that make sense Liam?" I asked.

"Yes, it does." He answered sympathetically. 

"Can you help me get rid of him maybe?" I asked knowing the answer already.

Liam sighed. "No. I can't he has to leave tomorrow and I don't think Lizzy can handle a long distance relationship, so it might just work out for you." 

"Really? How do you know?" 

"Because when you aren't staring at her and thinking about her not really listening to her. You learn stuff about people." He laughed then left. 

I sighed. I hoped Liam was right,  and if he wasn't... I might never get the girl of my dreams.

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