When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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11. The Evil Brother and Sister

The boys got back at 4 and I started dinner. Tonight we were having Chicken and Rice. We were all hanging in my medium-sized kitchen. 

"Okay so tell me again what exactly happened." Niall asked.

I sighed. "Okay, but this is the last time. Last year I took them to a corn maze for Thanksgiving and I waited outside thinking they would come out and wouldn't cause any damage, I mean it was a public place and they had Police Officers around to make sure nobody stole anything. So they didn't come out for a while, but I figured it was normal since it was a corn maze. So when they did come out, it was with a Police Officer and he came over and told me they had been seen by a couple running around, playing some game and ripping off the corn and throwing it around like bombs. So of course they weren't hard to find, two six year old red-heads running and screaming. So they were never allowed to come back so we had to leave and since then I don't let them go anywhere by themselves." I explained.

Niall was laughing, along with Louis, Harry and Zayn. Liam was just shaking his head, and Riane had heard the story enough times it wasn't funny any more. "Okay one more ti-" 

"I am not telling you again Niall!" I told him. He rolled his eyes and kept laughing. "Dinners almost done and they should be here in..." I looked at the clock it was 4:50 "Ten minutes." I grabbed some plates and turned to Niall. "Now if you ask again I will hit you, but, if you want to ask my brother and sister that's fine but only once got it?" I told him.

"Got it," he replied still laughing. 

~*~ 15 minutes later ~*~ 

There was a knock at the door and I walked out of the kitchen and opened the door, being sure the boys weren't around when I did. It was my mum and my brother and sister. They yelled "LIZARD!" and hugged me. I bent down and hugged them back. I let go and I said goodbye to my mom and they grabbed their bags and ran to their bedroom and put them down not even looking in the kitchen at the 6 people in there. 

"I smell food Lizard, what are we having?" My sister Alexandria asked. Alexandria had long, thick red hair, like the Weasley's from Harry Potter, and bright blue eyes like Niall's. She had a lot of freckles. 

"Well Andria, we are having Chicken and... Rice!" I smiled. "Your favourite." They smiled and my brother Alexander spoke up.

"It is our favourite! Did you get Ice Cream for after?" Alexander had short red hair like his sister's and bright blue eyes and freckles, the only way you could tell them apart was that one was a boy and the other a girl. Alexander was Alex for short and Alexandria was Andria. 

"I did! Now Riane is here, and... I made five new friends, they are boys, and they are staying the night as well as Riane. They are in the kitchen so before we eat I would like you to meet them." They nodded and I walked them to the kitchen. 

We walked into the kitchen and the Andria went straight to Riane who picked her up. "Hey, Andria" 

"Hi Riane, Lizard says that there is someone she wants me and Alex to meet." She replied as I picked up Alex.

"There is, and they are right here." I replied. "Okay so this is Harry, with the curly hair, Niall with the blonde hair, Zayn with the black  hair with the blonde streak, Louis with the straight brown hair and Liam with... no hair?" I pointed to each of the boys as I named them off. "You got it?" 

"Yeah, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam" Andria said and pointed to each boy. 

"Good, now boys this is Alexandria, Andria for short in Riane's arms, and Alexander or Alex for short in my arms." The boys said 'Hi' and Andria and Alex said 'Hi' back. 

"Lizzy explain to me why Andria called you, Lizard?" Harry asked.

I sighed. 'Well, we were coming up with nick-names and they just chose Lizard,  no real reason." 

"Okay, so we can eat now?" Niall asked eyeing the food.

"Yes, Niall we can eat now." I carried out the chicken and rice and we all walked to the dining room and dug in.

~*~ After Dinner ~*~ 

After we had cleaned up dinner I told Alex and Andria I had bought some games and movies. Alex and Andria wanted to play on the Wii. I set it up and put on the game they had chose and we all sat in the living room and watched them. 

"They don't seem to bad Lizzy." Harry told me quietly on the couch as we watched and helped. 

"That would be because they have something to do, and haven't had any sugar yet." I told him quietly back. He nodded and I stood up. "Okay, well how about we eat that Ice Cream now?" I asked.

They paused the game and jumped up "YES YES YES!" Andria and Alex screamed. I laughed and followed them as they ran to the kitchen. I grabbed 9 bowls and got everyone Ice Cream and we ate it as we watched a movie Alex had picked out. 

When the movie was over Andria and Alex were jumpy and hyper. I looked at Harry and he mouthed 'Now I see what you mean' and that made me laugh. 

"How about we go out into the backyard and play Tag!" I suggested. My brother and sister ran ahead and I turned on the lights and we all went into the backyard. Louis ended up being 'It' first and we all had fun until Alex and Andria just collapsed into sleep on the grass. I smiled and picked up Andria and Riane got Alex and we put them to bed.

I got sheets for Riane, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry then I crawled into my bed. I had a good sleep, a great sleep actually. I couldn't help thinking that we were gonna have a fun week and explaining to Andria and Alex how the boys couldn't just walk out of the house and how we had to sneak around if we went out wit them, was going to be interesting. I drifted off smiling.

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