When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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22. Leaving My Home

I put the last box in the truck and sent it off to the airport where it would get sent to my new house in Canada. 

I know, I know. Why Canada? 

I needed them to move on, find someone who could love them and not be like I am. 

In my mind, it's for the best. 

I walked back into my empty house and sighed. So many memories. 

As I moved around all the memories came rushing back. 

When I heard a honk outside, I knew it was Riane and rushed out and got in the passenger side of her car. 

"So are you ready to say good-bye to this place?" 


I looked back at it one last time as we drove away for the last time. 

I leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes and when I opened them again we were at the hotel.

We got out and checked in and went to our room. 

"I'm gonna Skype Zayn, okay?" 

"Okay, I'm going down to the pool," I told her and took a key-card and left. 

I was humming 'Moments' on my way down when I bumped into someone. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"It's cool Lizzy,"

"Excuse me?" 

The stranger looked up, it was Liam.

"Liam!" I threw my arms around him in a hug and he hugged me back. "What are you doing here?" 

"Well, I came to talk to you, you know, before I wouldn't get the chance to."

"Oh okay, let's go sit over here," I led him to a table just inside the deserted pool area using my key-card.

"So, why are you leaving?" 

"I'm going to school to become an author." 

"There are schools around here you could go to." 

"I know, but I need them to move on, to each find a girl that would be able to love them and not run away when it came time to decide."

"So it's about Niall and Harry?"


"Look, I know it's hard to decide but eventually the time will present itself and it wont be hard to choose any longer." 

"You are always like that, seeing the good side to everything, making everyone feel better." 

"I know, I get that a lot." 

"Look, I can't stay, my stuff is already at my new house and I'm already enrolled at the school." 

"I know, but I had to try." 

We both stood up and walked to the door in silence.

"By Liam."

"By Lizzy."

We parted ways and I headed back to my room and when I got there, Riane was already asleep.

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