When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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20. Alone Talks

Harry spotted me when I was halfway towards him and started to walk towards me.

He was looking like an angel, which I knew would make somethings harder to do. Darn him.

"Lizzy," was all he said as he approached me.

"Harry," I replied my voice shaking.

"We need to talk."

"We did. On the phone," I paused then added, "twice."

"I mean alone."


It was silent for a long time before finally Harry spoke.

"Were you being entirely truthful on the phone with me and Niall?"

"Niall and I," I corrected.

"Answer me Lizzy." 

"Yes," I said but my voice cracked and it gave me away.

"So you weren't. I need you to tell me the truth," I couldn't look at him. 

"Please," he added and lifted my head by my chin, holding it, making me lock eyes with him.

Everything just poured right out of me then.

"I kissed you both because I might, kind of, like you both and can't decide who I like better. And I guess I thought that whichever kiss was better was the one I was supposed to be with, but both of them were great and now I don't know who I like more, you or Niall and I couldn't tell you that. On the way back I decided to see which one of you was better with Andria and Alex but then I realized that you were both great with them and now I just want to figure it out and I know that this is weird and everything and you probably didn't catch half of what I'm saying but it is the truth and..." I stopped. I just told everything to Harry, and couldn't have stopped myself. 


"What?" I asked completely confused.

"Nothing, just you should go now." 

That just made me more confused.

"Harry what are you tal-" 

"Just go Lizzy," he said and walked into the hotel before I could process what was happening.

Then I ran after him.

I flung the door open and raced after him but before I could catch up to him I ran straight into Niall, who looked just as angelic as Harry and I knew he would want to talk to me to. 

Oh great, I thought, nothing could get worse.

But of course with my luck today. It did.

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