Some very Potter headcanons.

Just a few Harry Potter themed headcanons I've written over the course of my short life. Feel free to request some!


3. They were supposed to hate each other, not be falling in love.

'Have you heard? Georgie's got a girlfriend!' Fred yelled out for the world to hear. 'Fred!' George said in a hushed tone, turning bright scarlet. 'She's not my girlfriend!' 'Don't try to deny it, we can all see from the colour of your face that it's true. And at that-' he said, spotting Lucy strolling across the field. 'I will be gone.' Lucy arrived at the fence and lent over it. 'So... girlfriend, eh?' she said, a cheeky smile on her face.
 It never should have worked out.  A Slytherin and a Gryffindor- they were supposed to hate each other, not be falling in love. But they were. It was happening. And there was nothing George could do to stop it. 'Your eyes aren't really blue, are they?' George blurted out, quickly changing the subject. 'That one is...' he tickled her cheekbone. 'But that one, it's more green, like the colour of...' But he never got to finish, as she'd stopped his crazed ramblings with a kiss.
If you were wondering, Lucy is an OC character. She's a Slytherin with one blue and one green eye and short black hair.

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