Some very Potter headcanons.

Just a few Harry Potter themed headcanons I've written over the course of my short life. Feel free to request some!


4. Promise me that you won't be too sad.

She looked at him, brown eyes gazing into green, hers filled with salty tears. ‘I… I… I don’t want you to go, Harry.’ she said pathetically, allowing the tears to spill over and trickle down her pale cheeks. She had him backed into a corner; she could always do this to him, he melted when she cried. The only way out was to tell the truth. ‘I know, Ginny, I don’t want to go either. I’ll miss you with all my heart, and I’ll think about you every single day, but you have to promise me this-’ he said. Without waiting for an answer, he hurried through his pre-prepared speech- ‘I probably won’t come out of this war alive, and if I don’t, you have to promise me that you won’t be too sad. Don’t cry. Because I’m not worth that. You’re a brilliant, beautiful, intelligent, feisty girl. I never deserved you anyway. Go out, find someone like….’ Harry swallowed. ‘Neville. Someone who’ll treat you right and make you laugh and hold you when you need to cry and not go off to fight in a war after only two weeks of being with you.’


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