Some very Potter headcanons.

Just a few Harry Potter themed headcanons I've written over the course of my short life. Feel free to request some!


2. Her singing would echo around the large house.

There'd always been noise and laughter in the burrow, but never more so than when Katie Bell was there. Her singing would echo around the large house first thing in the morning as she bustled around in the kitchen making tea. Although it woke them all, nobody ever complained. They just liked to lie there and listen.
The twins would usually run downstairs first, and then sit in the kitchen chatting to her while she made toast. They would vie for her attentions, each attempting to attain them by making more and more ridiculous statements- 'I've been signed to a national Quidditch team!' 'I'm secretly working undercover with the Death Eaters to defeat Voldemort.... but don't tell anyone that.' 'Don't be stupid, Georgie, I've already killed Voldemort....' . Katie would pretend to be interested, although inside she was laughing at her silly boyfriend and bestfriend.

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