Some very Potter headcanons.

Just a few Harry Potter themed headcanons I've written over the course of my short life. Feel free to request some!


6. He said your mum's a mudblood.

Scorpius looked at her, a sneer playing over his sharp features.
'Rose Weasley.' 'My Dad told me about you. He said your Mum's a mudblood.' 'He said your Dad lived in a bin.' ' He said Bellatrix should have killed your Auntie Ginny.' 'He said' 'He said' 'He said'
Day after day, Scorpius rained insults down on Rose. He insulted her family, her upbringing, even her beautiful red hair.
But the only reason Scorpius was doing this was to hide how he really felt about her. He was supposed to hate her, so he pretended he did.
But he didn't.
He loved her.
 It wasn't until sixth year that he admitted it. She was sitting beside the lake late at night, when everyone else was in bed, reading her book by moonlight.
'Hi Rose.' he said, sitting down beside her.
'Hi Scorpius...' she said warily. She was expecting some awful insult to come flying at her any moment.
He sighed when he saw her reaction. 'God, I've messed up royally, haven't I? I've made you hate me, and I love you...' He clapped his hand over his mouth. 'Forget I ever said that.'

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