The winner takes it all

This is an English story for a competettion about being wrongly accused. I am so sorry, if i spell so bad that you can't read it, and i would be so happy if you will correct my spelling!
I am free for constructive criticism, so just tell me what i can do better ;-)
I have chosen to put the story under the category 'realism' because its a thing that unfortunately, happens for many people in real life.
I hope you will enjoy :-D



1. Free choice?



“Sarah… was it really you?”


The school inspector’s fingers were drumming softly on the table, while she asked the question, who wasn’t even a question. It was more an accusement. She just sad there, on her wheelchair, with her manicured nails, and starred at me. With an empty, absentminded look in her eyes.

You know about having no choice? Well I do.


“You can tell me the truth”


Her voice was sweat now. Like if she was trying to lure me to say the truth. It was funny, how she could change her voice into different kind of tones.


Like I can… like I can choose between lying, and telling the truth. Cause I can’t. Do you want me to spell it for you?   







That was exactly what I wanted to scream at her. But I didn’t. My weak, little body didn’t wanted to listen that day. Maybe that’s why she found me so guilty. But that is how it is. The winners are the strong ones, and the losers are the weak ones. That’s how it is, and how it always will be. I am the weak. They are the strong ones.

And the winners take it all. Didn’t you know that?


“How could you do that Sarah? I thought you were a good child. A good, well-raised student…”


She looked at me with deeper eyes know. Reproachfully eyes that could kill. And somehow I felt really guilty. But it was wrong. Sometimes I get wrong feelings. That kind of feelings, you just want to push away. But I can’t. I’m not strong enough.

That’s what makes me feel so helpless. So weak.

Another wrong feeling that I just want to push away.


I was NOT guilty!


I would have screamed it out loud know, if it wasn’t for the tape around my mouth. I really would have told her the truth if I could. You have my word for that.


When I got off from the principal’s office, it was with big, heavy steps, which almost dragged me down to the ground. The only thing that kept me going was the voice in my head saying:


I am not guilty.


Every time I felt stupid, or sad, I repeated the voice in my head, like a radio hit.


I am not guilty.

I am not guilty.

I am not guilty.




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