Louis Tomlinson and his best mate Zayn Malik is about to go on college in Miami, so they move to Miami together.
Louis and Zayn met two other boys on the college with the names Liam and Niall. They all is quickly getting friends, but will the rich bully kid Harry Styles leave the boys alone?
And why is Louis just feeling the ''in love'' feeling inside him when he is with Harry?


3. Tuesday

Harry's POV:


I walked slowly down the school hall with the music in my ears.

I was about to open my locker, but then someone poked me.

''Brooo!'' Said my sister Danielle and looked at me.

''What?'' Asked I then and pulled my sunglasses down.

''Why were you not home last night? I said to my you were at Eleanor's. And lucky for you, she believed in it! But now tell me.. Where was you?'' Asked Danielle and looked at me.

''Uh.. Can we talk.. More private?'' Answered I suddenly. She nodded.

''Okay uh.. Where?'' Asked I. 

''The cheerleader's dressing room.'' Smiled she and walked. I followed her.


In the cheerleader's dressing room


''So now.. Tell me.'' Said Danielle and set down on the bench.

''Uh.. Okay, where shall I start..'' Said I then, and thought about last day.




''Uh, I'm sorry..'' Mumbled Louis and pushed away from the kiss.

''Don't be sorry..'' Said I and leaned back in the couch.

''I didn't know that you are to boys.'' Said I then and thought about it one more time.

''Uh.. Haven't you heard the rumors?'' Asked Louis then and laughed a little bit.

''Uh.. Okay, yes I have. My sister told me.'' Answered I and smiled while looking at him.

''But I didn't know YOU are too boys.'' Said Louis then and leaned down on me. 

''Oh, I'm not!'' Said I and tried NOT to smile.

''Yes you are.'' Smiled Louis and leaned up too me and kissed me again.

I enjoyed the kiss so much, and it just.. It could't stop.

''See?'' Said Louis and then pulled away from the kiss.

I blushed and then took his head in my hands and crashed our lips together.

''I'm not to all guys, I'm just to you.'' Said I and pulled away.

''Haha, you are so fun. You wanna hear a secret?'' Said Louis then.

''Mmh..'' Mumbled I.

''Me and Zayn .. Have been boyfriends 1 year..'' Said Louis and looked at me.

''OMG, and we just kissed! Omg, I'm so sorry, I-'' 

''Shh, it's okay. I broke up with him yesterday.'' Smiled Louis.

''Why?'' Asked I with a weird look on my face.

''Because... I think I love you.'' Said Louis.


That night at 3 pm/am (Still in the flashback)


''Louis, what is the clock?'' Asked I after me and him have talked for hours.

''3. At night.'' Answered he and pulled himself closer to me in the bed.

''Shit! And I'm not home! Shiiit!'' I was about to get out of the bed, but Louis pulled me back.

''Chill. You sister.. Danielle, right? I think she is covering for you at your home.'' Said Louis.

''Why?'' Asked I and tried to calm down.

''She likes me, and you are her brother. Sooo..'' Answered he and giggled a little bit.

''Oh. But I have a question for you.'' Said I then.


''Where are you parents? And do Zayn now I'm staying over?'' asked I.

''My parents is.. Uh.. Dead. And Zayn he is living with his friend Ariana for a while.'' Answered Louis.

''Oh, I'm sorry about that.. Both things.'' Said Harry.

''Don't be..'' Smiled Louis and kissed his check.


Later that night (Around 5).


''What am I doing..'' Whispered I to my self and then got out off the bed.

Should I leave a message? Yeah..

''Please, don't talk too me at school.. And forget it all.. I don't know what is going on with me. Sorry.. x'' 

I looked at Louis and then walked out of the room, the house and then walked away.


Back from the flashback. (Harry have told all that from the flashback)


''Oh Harry, I'm so sorry.'' Said Danielle then and looked a little bit.. I don't know.

''Uh, but I'm okay..'' Said I then and looked at Danielle.

''No, your not.'' Said Danielle and pulled me into a hug.

''Danielle, Danielle, Niall just asked me out!'' Came Perrie running into the room. 

Danielle pulled away, then walked over to Perrie.

''Oh, I'm so glad for you sweetie.'' Smiled Danielle and walked out with her.

I sighed, took my bag and walked out.


Danielle's POV that morning:


I waked up in my room and looked around. 

I got out from the bed, found my cheerleader suit, took it on, then walked over too my mirror.

''Why can't Louis like me.'' Mumbled I and pulled my hair up in a ponytail, put some makeup on and walked out from my room and over to Harry's.

I was about to go in, but my mommy came.

''Good morning honey. Are you about to wake Harry?'' Asked she and leaned against my door.

''Uhh, yeah.'' Answered I and fake smiled.

''Good. Mommy is going to work now. Okay? Daddy is coming to pick you and Harry up after school, then you are going over too him this weekend okay?'' Asked/Said my mom.

''Is it today? Okay.'' Answered I. 

Me and Harry HATED too be divorce children. 

The only good thing about it was we were going too see Vanessa and Ashley again. Our best friends. 

''Good morning sis, and bye mom.'' Came my sister Demi out from her room.

''Good morning sissi.'' Smiled I.

''Where is Harry?'' Asked she while me and her were walking down to the kitchen too eat breakfast.

''At Louis'..'' Whispered I.

''OMG, LOUIS? LOUIS TOMLINSON?'' Said my sister out loud.

''Shh! Yes.'' Said I then and could hear the door slam. Mommy had left the building.


Demi's POV that morning:


I waked up after my mom knocked on the door. That would say 2 hours before my sister Danielle. I slowly got out from the bed.

''Good morning sweetie. Feeling better today?'' Asked my mom and came into my room with some tea.

''No..'' Mumbled I and was about to puke.

''It's gonna be alright okay?'' Said my mom.

''Mom, no! I got cancer for 3 years ago, and it's not over yet!'' Said I out lout.

''I know honey.. I know.'' Said my mom and came over too me and set down in the bed.

''It's just.. I wanna go too school but I can't. And all Danielle & Harry's friends don't even know I exist!'' Said I.

''The boy Danielle like.. Louis? He knows you. And his sister Eleanor.'' Smiled my mom. I couldn't be mad at her.

''Yeah, I know. But Louis and I don't talk anymore after the break up for that other bo-girl! And Eleanor.. I don't know really. She just likes Harry.'' Said I and sighed.

''But look on the good side. You gotta see Selena every weekend.'' Said my mom.

Selena is my best friend. Before my mom, Harry, Danielle and I moved here too I had a great life in Orlando.. I had not cancer, I had a great boyfriend (Zac), my best friend Selena and I was together almost everyday.. Harry and Danielle had it great in school and.. Everything was just perfect! But then mom and dad got an divorce, and I got too choose to live with my dad or mom. I did choose to live with my dad, but after 1 week I had it really bad.. So me and my dad took too the hospital, and they said 'cancer.' 

Soo.. I didn't want to live there anymore. I moved down to my mom, Danielle and Harry.

It was pretty cool in the start not to go in school, but after 1 year I missed it really much.

But one day Danielle took her friends Eleanor and Louis with her home, I got together with Louis, then after 1 year he broke up with me and came together with Zayn.

And Harry? Uh.. I really don't know much thing about him anymore. He have changed a lot!

But now.. Yeah.. I'm living home, no school, no friends here in miami, no party.. I just use Monday to Thursday too get enough powers too take that trip from Miami too Orlando, stay there in the weekend, be together with Selena (sometimes Zac) and then take back on the Monday. 

Danielle is always driving, while me and Harry is just.. Sleeping. 

''Honey? Are you okay?'' Asked my mom and waved with her hand in front of me.

''Yeah, yeah.. Sorry I just..'' Answered I.

''It's okay. Just.. Hurry up.'' Smiled my mom and walked out.

Hurry up is meaning I need to go in bath (taking 10 min. To get my clothes off because I'm so tired. Then taking 30 min. in the bath, then 20 min. To get new clothes on.)

Then I have too sleep to my sister is getting up from her bed. 

While she is in school I see some school programs 50% of the time and sleep the other 50%.

I really don't have power too to do so many things. 

It's maybe.. 3 times on the month I got power to do some funny things with my brother and sister. 


While eating breakfast with Danielle.


''Danielle..'' Said I and stopped eating.

''Yes sister?'' Smiled she.

''I'm moving up to dad again.'' 

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