Louis Tomlinson and his best mate Zayn Malik is about to go on college in Miami, so they move to Miami together.
Louis and Zayn met two other boys on the college with the names Liam and Niall. They all is quickly getting friends, but will the rich bully kid Harry Styles leave the boys alone?
And why is Louis just feeling the ''in love'' feeling inside him when he is with Harry?


4. Their life stories.

Hello!! I just wanted to make this 'Life story' of Demi, Harry, Danielle, Eleanor, Louis. (Because they have the most 'important'.. Maybe I add more life stories later.)

AND SORRY FOR DEMI, HARRY & DANIELLE'S LAST NAMES. It's just so freaking hard to get all their last names in one okay?>.<

And I do not use Demi, Danielle, & Eleanor real birthday. Because I don't know when that is and my net sucks right now, sooooo, I can't google it. *sad*
And school/college names is NOT real colleges/schools :)

And sorry.. I'm so bad too find out the years of born so how old they are and that, lol :D


Demi S. Lovleazer 


Demi was born the 02 October 1990 at home. When she came too the earth she was so tiny and cute.. Her parents loved her so much.

When she was 3 years old she got big sister too her little sister Danielle the 24th December. 

In the start hated Demi, Danielle.. No one should come and take Demi's place. But with the time she learned too love her, and she talked with Danielle all day long. Okay, Danielle couldn't understand what Demi said too her because of her age, but she still talked too her. Short after Danielle came too the earth her mom got pregnat again. But now with a son. When the son got on earth Demi took really good care of him and her little sister Danielle.
There was 3-4 years between Danielle - Demi and Harry - Demi. 

But yeah.. The year was going fast, and before Demi knew, she was 13 and she had a brother and a sister on 9-10 years old. They got all along good together. But on Demi's 13 birthday for some people (Party you know) she was on the dance floor with a guy. His name was Zac. Zac and her kissed and after the kiss Demi was just running out too her friends.

''OMG, me and Zac kissed!'' Said she and jumped happy with her friends. Selena, Miley and Kristen. They all smiled, and then Demi was walking over too the 'bar'..

''Hmm.. One pepsi thanks.'' Smiled she and turned around and waited.

''Ugh, what a fat ass.'' Said a girl and looked at Demi and walked away.

That was Demi's first bad thing in her life... Really bad thing.

She began too cry, and broke down in tears on the floor. Kristen helped her out too the bathroom while Danielle and Harry stopped the party.

Demi skipped school 1 week, then she came in school again.. Everyone talked about her.

And not good things.. People called her fat ass, fat whore, fat slut.. So many bad stuff.

Demi started too come home crying everyday. But one day... She stood and looked herself in the mirror.. ''I'm so fat.'' Mumbled she and walked away. With the time she lost many pounds and started to cut in herself.. Self harm. 

Only Harry knew it because a day he was walking out on the toilet and Demi was in tears on the floor with the knife. Harry took the knife, and they talked about it..

After 2 months with self harm, and anorexia (Yes, she got that.) she decided too skip school.

Her mom and dad got worried, and slowly they found out she was cutting in herself, and had anorexia. She got on a hospital.. She was there too her 15 birthday. Demi was a whole new girl when she came out from the hospital... A happy girl?

Demi began in school again and many said sorry.. And she got Zac's girlfriend.

Everything was just.. Perfect! On her 16 years birthday she invited Zac over because Danielle was doing some cheerleader stuff in new york, so dad was with her, and Harry and mom decided too visit Harry's friend Eleanor in England. So Demi was alone home.. With Zac!!!

''Zac.. I'm ready..'' had Demi said.. Then they had sex. That was the best day of Demi's life..

But after sometime Demi had it really bad.. Then she found out she was pregnant.

She told the mom and dad about it, and they decided to give the baby away too some people who wanted too adopt it.. So they did. And Demi lived her life again, happy..

But that year Demi turned 18 years old her parents got an divorce and that broke her down.. She was really sad about it, but decided too stay in Orlando with her dad so she was close too Zac and Selena.  But short time after Dani, Haz and her mom left Demi got cancer.

Then she moved too Miami because she couldn't take that Zac and Selena should see her in pain and much more..

But in Miami she never got too start in school. She wanted too, but she couldn't...

She lost almost all her hair, but she got it back after some time. At the perfect time..

1 year (almost) after they moved Danielle took a boy and girl with her after school and Demi got the boy's girlfriend. But it ended after 1 year,  because he got a new girl- I mean.. Boyfriend. ;) 

Demi still stayed home, and she got more and more weak, day after day.

Today she is 20 and have a little brother on 18 and little sister on 19 and live with her mom in Miami. She still not goes too school..

Danielle J. Lovleazer


Danielle was born in 1993 the 24th. When she was born she already had a big sister with the name Demi. Danielle was a little bit.. Fat? Or not fat really. But not thin either.. She was just so cute. Everyone loved Danielle.. Everyone. After a year she got big sister to her brother Haz, and with the years she got bff with her sister Demi. Before she knew, she was already 10 years old and a night her sister hold a birthday party.. Danielle really hated parties that time, she just wanted too sleep all day, or be on skype and text with her.. Friend. Louis. He was from England. She met him on a summer vacation and they got friends.. Anyways.

At the party, Selena came over too Harry and her and said they needed too stop the party.. And of course Harry said they needed too do it in a dramatic and fun way.. So.. He threw up on the popular girl - AND HIS GIRLFRIENDS  BIG SISTER! They both began too cry and was running out of the house and away. People began too leave, and Danielle thought that it was great. Harry was kinda sad because there was so many dammnnn hot girls. But anyways..

With the time Demi began too act weird, but Danielle didn't care that much. Cheerleading and Louis was the only one who did matter. After some months her dad and mom told her and Harry that Demi was on the hospital.. Danielle was kinda sad over it, but.. Yeah, she didn't really care anyways. Her and Demi was not the best friends anymore. On Danielle's 14 birthday Demi was home again, and it was Danielle's best birthday party ever! Near Demi's 16 birthday Danielle decided too accept too come on a cheerleading camp in New York with her bestfriends Ashley and Vanessa. Oh, and her dad was coming too, but just so they had a place too stay where there was a parent. The cheerleading camp was really funny, and on Demi's birthday she got a text at night.. It said ''BEST-NIGHT-EVER!!!!! Can't wait too.. Okay, I'm gonna tell you it when you are 18!! Haha, love you sis. Hope you are having fun. Xx''

Danielle just smiled and was going too sleep, but then she got a new text.. It was from.. OMG, it was from her old friend Perrie!!!! ''Hello baby sis. I miss you. XXXXXXX'' 

Danielle answered quickly and then she was heading too bed.

When she got home everything was just perfect! Or.. Almost. She missed New York and Vanessa. Vanessa was staying in New York because the cheerleading camp had said too her she could stay and work on her cheerleading stuff.. She said 'yes' while me and Ashley said no. But it was okay anywas.. But that year Demi turned 18 her parents got an divorce.

Danielle started too say the stayed with her dad, but then she took with her mother. She loved her mother really really much, and maybe her brother Harry more!! So Demi stayed with her dad, and Danielle, Harry & the mother moved down too Miami.

When she came too Miami she started in school and met really many great people. After 1 year her old friend Louis and his sister and a boy with the name Zayn moved too Miami and they got all friend. She took Louis and the sister with her home a day Harry wasn't home.

And there was Demi moved home too Danielle, her mother and Harry. Because she got cancer.. She moved down too them a year before Danielle met Louis and them. 

Danielle had a biiiiiiiiiig crush on Louis, but he and Demi got together as a couple so.. But that was okay. Really.. But after that day she really never talked or met with Louis again.

And Demi got weaker and weaker.. Day for day. And Harry? He just.. Danielle didn't even know. Who knew?

Today is Danielle 18 have little brother on 18 and a big sister on 20 and live with their mom in Miami.


Harry E. Lovleazer 


Harry was born the 01 Feb. in 1994. When he was born he had already 2 big sisters with the names Danielle and Demi.. Everyone liked Harry's curly hair and dipples. 

That was the same when he got older.. Every girl in kindergarten loved him. And he had 10000 girlfriends. But his number 1 girls would always be Danielle and Demi.

Sometimes he was kinda sad he wasn't named Daniel, or Dan, or Darry.. Something with 'D'. Because both his sisters started with a 'D' and he was with an 'H'. But his sisters allways dod him at was good, because then he was special. That made him happy of his name. 

Before everyone knew he was 9 years old and was together with a girl from his school with the name Ashley. She was 10 like his big sister Danielle, so many of Harry's friends thought it was cool. 

A night when his sister Demi hold a birthday party he threw up on Ashley's big sister / the most popular girl at school. Ashley laughed about it after, but after Demi got a really.. Hard life.. He and Ashley broke up. But it was fine, they were still friends. 
That day Demi got home he got a text from an old friend with the name ''Eleanor''. 

He really liked her, but I didn't work anyway.. She was on his age.. It would say 10. But she was kinda.. Scary. She had smoked, she had been drunk, she was always in trouble..

But that made her special. But Harry didn't want too like her, so they stayed in the friendzone.

Around Demi's 18 birthday his parents got an divorce and he moved down to Miami with his mom and sister. After sometime Demi came along too.. Because she got cancer.

But in school all worked out really good.. Or.. Yeah, Harry was kinda bullying everyone except some of his friends.

A day in school he walked in too the school toilet.. He looked around and thought he was the only there.. He began too sing. He couldn't stop smiling while singing.. When he was about too start on a new song a boy came out from the toilets and started clapping.

''Very good.'' Smiled he. Harry blushed. 

''Uh thanks.'' Smiled Harry. 

''I'm Liam.'' Said the boy then while washing his hands.

''Harry.'' Said Harry.

After that day Harry and Liam got great friends. + Niall but that was another story.. Really fun.

Harry was out in the town and played football with Liam and some other guys. Then Harry threw the ball in Niall's face and his nose broke. They still laughed about the story today..

Harry changed a lot after the divorce and that.. And he is really not great friends with Demi anymore. That was sad. But a day in school he met this boy.. Louis was he called.

And Harry think he loves him.. Do he? Or do he not? Who would know?
Today is Harry 18 and have two big sisters. The one is 18 and the other is 20.

And he don't know who he his..
Louis W. Tomlinson


Louis was born the 24th December 1993.. He had a normal life until he got 16. 

His parents and his best mates parents died in a plain crash.. But he got a adopted sister anyways. Yeah.. Louis had always been a child with no sisters or brothers. That had really made him sad, so his mom and dad adopted a girl on his own age.

In the start Louis had been really scared for it, but then he got fine with it. Because.. It was his sister. Not more. Or was it?

When Eleanor came to the house they didn't say anything. But after 1 week Eleanor came down from her room in a beautiful black dress with a black blazer. Her hair had she dyed dark brown and set it up in a ponytail. Black eye shadow.. Just black eye makeup.. But her lips..

They were rose read. Beautiful thought Louis in his head.. Then she said something.

''The funeral start about 30 min. Get your ass up and get ready.'' Said she and walked down too me in the couch.

''But.. It's not planned or anything..'' Mumbled he.

''I have planned her.'' Said she then and looked not at him.

Louis got up and got ready for the funeral.. When they came to the funeral and set down in the church Eleanor started cry.

''Why do you cry?'' Whispered he. Okay, weird question.

''My whole life was a mess, then your parents came and adopted me and now they are dead..'' Whispered she back and pulled Louis into an awkward hug. But it was okay. 

After the funeral they started talk more together.. Louis got feelings for her, but they was quickly away. A day Eleanor, Zayn and Louis decided too move too Miami. Big step but okay.. 

(I don't want too write about Demi & Louis getting together and blah blah blah.. Ya' all know that already!xD Sorryyyy!)

Today is Louis 18. He loves Harry, but do Harry love him back?


Eleanor T. Tomlinson


Eleanor was born in 1994 the 9 September.. None liked her in her childhood..

A day she met a boy. Really cute.. His name was Harry. She liked him a lot, but they didn't work good together.. She was a bad ass, while he was a rich guy, with the perfect life.

But a day Eleanor got adopted by Mrs.Tomlinson ... It was perfect. It was like.. They really loved her. Eleanor stopped the self harm, smoking, drugs.. Just everything bad..

On her way home in a plain with Mrs & Mr Tomlinson & Mrs & Mrs Malik the plain crashed.

She did survive with some others.. But yeah.. 

She met her brother and she loved him really much. After some time her, Zayn and Louis moved too Miami. Or she moved together with an other girl. Her name was Perrie.

Great friend!

In the school she was very popular, and she was in the same school as Harry. 

That was a plus for her.. She had a really big crush on him.

But after starting in college everything just changed... 

Will Eleanor end in the bad life again, or will everything work out?

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