Louis Tomlinson and his best mate Zayn Malik is about to go on college in Miami, so they move to Miami together.
Louis and Zayn met two other boys on the college with the names Liam and Niall. They all is quickly getting friends, but will the rich bully kid Harry Styles leave the boys alone?
And why is Louis just feeling the ''in love'' feeling inside him when he is with Harry?


2. Did that just happen?

Perrie's POV (before Drama):


New day in this boring college. Nothing is ever new.

Except me of course. I just came to college about.. A week ago. Because of my friend Eleanor.

I was walking down the school hall way. Everyone looked so happy.

''Hey blonde!'' Yelled a guy. 

''My name is Perrie..'' Mumbled I. 

''No, it's blonde.'' Said he and pushed me against a door.

''Uh..'' I could't say something. I was always bullied when I wasn't with Eleanor.

''Come on blonde. Give me a kiss..'' Whispered he in my ear.

Why didn't people do something!

''Hey. Leave her alone.'' Came a blonde guy and pushed the boy away from me.

''What is your problem?'' Asked the blonde guy.

''Hey! Back off.'' Said the guy who wanted the kiss.

''No.'' Said the blonde guy and pushed the other guy to he felt.

''Uh, thanks..'' Mumbled I and walked fast away.

Why could't people just leave me alone when I was not with Eleanor..

But I was lucky that guy that wanted to kiss me not was Harry Styles.

I hated Harry.. But I could't tell Eleanor.. Because she loved Harry. 

No matter what.


Harry's POV:


''What did you just say?'' Asked I and walked closer to the boy.

''Le-e-eave he-er alone..'' Answered the boy.

''Fine.'' Said I and walked back too the piano.

The boy looked at the blonde girl and then walked over too a chair.

The blonde girl just stood there..

''So.. Can we start?'' Asked the teacher and looked at us. All girls nodded.

''Okay. Today we are gonna write a script two and two. Find a partner.'' Smiled the teacher.

Every girl walked over too the boy. And every girl walked away again..

He walked over too me.

''Listen you. I'm Louis.'' Said the boy. Or should I call him Louis? Uh..

''Okay. What do you want?'' Asked I him and tried too make a fake smile but he was so pretty so I could't make a fake smile.

''I know you are new in this class, and none of the girls want too be your partner in this so..'' Said he and looked at me.

''You want too be my partner?'' Asked I and smiled.

''Yeah. But I.. Yeah.'' Said he. He didn't smile at all.

''Okay.. Good.'' Said he and was about too go away.

''But listen. You are gonna be payed for protecting that girl.'' Said I. Why did I even say that?

He looked at me then walked away.

The bells rang and we could go.


At lunch.


''Hey Harry!'' Came my sister Danielle over too me with her cheerleader friends.

''Hey Danielle. And hello to you girls.'' Smiled I and looked at them.

They all blushed.

''Can we sit here with you?'' Smiled she. I nodded and they all sat down.

''So.. Something new today?'' Asked Danielle and while she was open her water ball.

''Nope.. Or there is one thing. I am partner with a guy with name Louis in drama. We shall make our own script..'' Answered I and opened the water ball for Danielle.

All the cheerleaders looked at me.

''THE LOUIS?'' Asked they with big eyes.

''What do you mean girls?'' Smiled I.

''Uh..'' Mumbled they all and looked at Danielle.

''They mean.. Yeah. You know Eleanor, right? Yeah you do, you dated once.. Anyways. Her brother, Louis Tomlinson is the most beautiful guy in this school. So hot. But the rumors says he only likes boys so all us girls is sad about it..'' Smiled Danielle and blushed with the other girls.

''Oh.'' Said I and thought about it.. I was the boy everyone liked before that Louis came too this school. I HATE HIM!

''Bro? We are gonna go now. See you later.'' Smiled Danielle and walked away with the other girls.

I set there alone in like 5 min. But then there came 4 boys and 2 girls.. I had seen the 2 girls and 2 of the boys before.


Louis' POV (At Lunch):


''Where are we gonna sit today? Every place is taken.'' Sighed Niall and looked.

''No.. We can sit there.'' Smiled Eleanor and pointed at Harry's place.

''NO!'' Said Perrie out loud.

''Agree with Perrie.'' Said I. 

''Who is Perrie? And I'm agree with the blonde girl.'' Said Niall and nodded.

''Perrie is the blonde girl..'' Mumbled Zayn.

Perrie was.. Kinda.. ''New?'' in the group.

''Oh. Okay.'' Smiled Niall.

''Come one girls and boys.'' Said Liam and walked over too the table.

''Uh, can I help you?'' Asked Harry. I blushed a little bit.

''Yeah you can.'' Said I and set down.

''With what?'' Asked Harry and looked me in the eyes.

''We are gonna si-i-it.. Here.'' Said Perrie and looked down in her food and set down with the others.

''Ugh. Okay. But I don't like any of you.'' Said Harry and looked at us.

''Thank you.'' Mumbled Eleanor.

''You don't need to.'' Fake smiled Zayn and began too eat.


In Louis' house same day.


''I'm going over too the center now. Don't know when I'm home.'' Said Zayn and walked out of the house.

''Fine..'' Mumbled I and turned on the television.

''Is there anybody home!'' Yelled a voice in the house 5 min. after.

''Uh, yeah.. In the living room!'' Yelled I back. Why did I even do that?

''Uh, hey Louis. It's Harry.'' Said Harry and set down in the same couch.

''Hey.'' Mumbled I. I didn't even like him..

''So.. We need to do something of the script.'' Smiled he.

His smile was beautiful.


Harry's POV: 


''Oh yeah.'' Said Louis and walked out of the room. I just waited.

He came back with many papers and some other thing we should use.

''Okay.. Let's start.'' Smiled he. He was so beautiful.. STOP SAY THAT TO YOUR SELF HARRY!

''What should it be about?'' Smiled I.

''Uh.. Love.'' Mumbled he.

''Okay. Say a pretty girl and boy name.'' Said I and was hoping he would say ''Harry''..

''Larry and Elounor.'' Said he.

''Larry? And Elounor? Is that even names?'' Asked I and looked a little bit disappointed.

''I don't say why I said Larry.. But Elounor is for Louis and Eleanor. Me and her is sister and brother so.. Why don't mix a name together.'' Smiled he.

''Say it.. Why Larry?'' Asked I and set closer too him.

''I don't say why.'' Grinned Louis and smiled.

''Yes say it!'' Grinned I back and pushed him down in the couch and set on him.

''Okay! It's for your and my name.'' Smiled he.


Louis POV:


''It's for your and my name.'' Smiled I and looked in Harry's beautiful eyes.

''Why? Are we friend?'' Asked he.

''You are sitting on me, so yeah I think so.'' Mumbled I. 

''But I don't like your friends.. And I was mean to your sister, the blonde girl and the blonde guy today.'' Said he.

''So, I should be mad on you?'' Asked I and took my hands up to his face while smiling.

''Why are you doing this to me?'' Asked he.

''Doing what?'' Smiled I.

''I don't like boys. I really don't..'' Said he and got off me. I was a little bit disappointed but then..

''Oh you don't?'' Asked I and crashed me and his lips together.


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