Popularity: An Analysis.

Popularity is probably one of the few things the movies have bang on. Just as there are in schools, they depict ‘those’ people. People who can get away with anything. People who everyone secretly wishes they were more like. People who are just that little bit shinier and more special than everyone else. Popular people.
This novel will look into all aspects of popularity- the social 'cliques' and groups, the similarities and differences between different ares and countries social system, and how relationships between the social groups generally are.
This book is for all those people- the outcasts or unpopular people of the world- who have ever questioned the system or why things are why they are. Know that you are not alone. That there are others out there. Me, for one :)
If you have any issues with anything said here, feel free to contact me.


4. Yourself, and why you never will be

In this chapter, I will address the whole concept of being ‘yourself’ ‘who you are’ ‘who you want to be’ or whatever other cheesy American film name you want to use.
Books, films, everything somewhere has this message included into it. Everything we read parrots this message to us over and over again with slightly different wording- ‘Don’t care what people think of you! Be your own person! Be different! Be unique!’
But really, all we want to do it fit in.
This is usually what the misled best friend says in the cheesy American film.
The misled best friend is an accurate representation of most normal teenage and pre-teen people around the world.
As much as, at home, we may flick our hair in front of the mirror and say ‘I don’t care what they think of me’ and bitch about the ‘popular people’ when only our friends can hear us and even write cynical Movellas when there’s no chance anyone will find us, at school, we’re different. We want to fit in, and blend in, and not be noticed.
You most probably know nothing whatsoever about the other people in your year, not really. You may think you do. But you don’t. Because you know stuff about the person they’re pretending to be, not the one they are.
We’re all secretly envious of the people who really don’t care, too. The ones who wear and do what the heck they like and nobody says anything to them because we’re all too busy marvelling at how different they look.
And, as an effort to be more like them, we make small rebellions. Every so often we’ll think ‘So what?’ and do something ‘socially unacceptable’ just because we want to. But these rebellions are small, and infrequent, and almost always go unnoticed.
But despite all these different small things we do, and how much we admire those who dare to be different, we’ll never actually all throw the system out the window and be who we are.
Because we’re scared.
And we want to be accepted.
So everyone will stick to flicking their hair in front of the mirror, and nothing will change.

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