Popularity: An Analysis.

Popularity is probably one of the few things the movies have bang on. Just as there are in schools, they depict ‘those’ people. People who can get away with anything. People who everyone secretly wishes they were more like. People who are just that little bit shinier and more special than everyone else. Popular people.
This novel will look into all aspects of popularity- the social 'cliques' and groups, the similarities and differences between different ares and countries social system, and how relationships between the social groups generally are.
This book is for all those people- the outcasts or unpopular people of the world- who have ever questioned the system or why things are why they are. Know that you are not alone. That there are others out there. Me, for one :)
If you have any issues with anything said here, feel free to contact me.


2. The Social 'Groups'

Social ‘Groups’ or cliques is a concept that from the naked eye it may seem like is just like it is in cheesy American high school films. The depiction often involves the classically stereotypical nerds, drama queens etc. And if you don’t know better, you would probably think they have it bang on. See, the groups are essentially the same (Jocks, populars, wannabes etc.) even if they are called by different names or no name at all. Please note that anywhere I use a very primitive label in this chapter is because I haven’t got a better name, not because I use that term.
But nobody is really in the group they belong.
There is never a decisive moment when everyone says ‘From this day forth, you shall be classified as a nerd.’ So everyone just kind of gravitates towards people with similar interests and people subconsciously label them.
Plus, the labelling doesn’t always happen for the right reasons. We addressed ‘Popular People’ in the last chapter and how really, they aren’t popular at all. Well, the nerds probably aren’t really nerdy and the drama queens probably aren’t really dramatic. Everyone labels you because of who they think you are, not who you actually are. For instance, someone intelligent is automatically labelled a nerd, even if in reality they have no interest in school or anything like that. If you go to a few extra-curricular sporting activities you become a jock. Singing in a concert or acting in a play or having your stuff in an art show makes you an ‘art freak’.
And once everyone’s labelled you, there’s no way to un-label yourself.
Even something as simple as your looks can place you into a category. There is one boy I used to know, for instance, whose unfortunate looks placed him into the category my friend affectionately deemed ‘the underclass’- meaning the lowest of the low.
Labelling is a massive problem for every secondary-school age child. My guess is that everyone instinctively knows when they have been labelled and may desperately try to backtrack on whatever they did that classified them so quickly- but they can’t. There is no way too. Once you’ve been labelled, there’s no going back. 



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