Popularity: An Analysis.

Popularity is probably one of the few things the movies have bang on. Just as there are in schools, they depict ‘those’ people. People who can get away with anything. People who everyone secretly wishes they were more like. People who are just that little bit shinier and more special than everyone else. Popular people.
This novel will look into all aspects of popularity- the social 'cliques' and groups, the similarities and differences between different ares and countries social system, and how relationships between the social groups generally are.
This book is for all those people- the outcasts or unpopular people of the world- who have ever questioned the system or why things are why they are. Know that you are not alone. That there are others out there. Me, for one :)
If you have any issues with anything said here, feel free to contact me.


1. The 'Popular People'

Every school has them. Those people who have managed to claw- or glide, as sometimes it may seem everything is overly easy for them- their way to the very top of the social ladder and become one of the renowned ‘popular people’
I suppose you’re probably wondering at this point why I have adopted an excessive use of quote marks. The reason being that really, they aren’t popular at all.
Dictionary.com says that popular means to be ‘regarded with favour, approval, or affection by people in general’ So now, I’d like you to think of the popular people at your own school. Are they really ‘regarded with favour, approval, or affection’?
My guess would be no.
The people who should really be regarded as popular are those who are generally liked and respected by the general school public; those people of who you have no fear and are not intimidated, those people who you can talk to as easily as you can your very own best friends.
But the people who actually are regarded as popular, in many situations, are those who just… well, are.
For no apparent reason.
This may sound like the bitter ramblings of a socially in adept nerd, but realistically, if you give it some thought, there is a high likelihood that this is actually all true.
The popular people are popular with themselves. They usually travel in a large mixed-sex pack. In many situations, there are many couples inside of this group who usually change around regularly. You’ve got girls best friends going out with their ex-boyfriend, and vice versa. You’re terrified of these people if you aren’t one of them. Your mind is telling you that there is no reason to be, they’re just normal people. But you are, all the same.  You want them to like you. You secretly want to be one of them. But at the same time, you appreciate that they could destroy your life. Everyone who isn’t one of them dislikes them on principle, usually. You assume that the girls will make fun of you behind your back and the boys will make fun of you to your face.
They also have a large group of hangers on. They look the same and they sound the same as the popular people, but instinctively, you know they’re not.

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