Popularity: An Analysis.

Popularity is probably one of the few things the movies have bang on. Just as there are in schools, they depict ‘those’ people. People who can get away with anything. People who everyone secretly wishes they were more like. People who are just that little bit shinier and more special than everyone else. Popular people.
This novel will look into all aspects of popularity- the social 'cliques' and groups, the similarities and differences between different ares and countries social system, and how relationships between the social groups generally are.
This book is for all those people- the outcasts or unpopular people of the world- who have ever questioned the system or why things are why they are. Know that you are not alone. That there are others out there. Me, for one :)
If you have any issues with anything said here, feel free to contact me.


3. 'Socially Unacceptable'

The term ‘socially unacceptable’ is one that is a bit puzzling. Here, I am using it to describe things that, are ‘just not done’ if you like. Things that, if done frequently or in front of one of the so-called ‘popular people’ result in ‘social suicide’.
These things span across all areas of life. Contrary to popular belief, the unspoken rules, as it is, don’t just dictate what you can and can’t wear. There are ‘socially unacceptable’ things to eat, for one thing. Things say you watch, or listen to.
Nobody ever states this ‘You can’t eat meat pie for dinner.’. Everyone just knows, somehow.
Nobody ever questions what the worst thing that could come of stating that you listen to Take That or eating a roast dinner might be, either.
Realistically, nobody is going to abandon you due to the fact that you read a book or got seen out with your family at the weekend or wore a backpack with both the straps on it. 
I guess what everyone is afraid of, then, is what people think of them, or say about them behind their back. It must have been a pretty dry day for gossip if the content of somebody’s dinner tray is the subject of discussion at the ‘popular’ table.
This leads us onto who actually decides what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Similarly to the social ‘groups’ nobody ever states ‘From this day forth, nobody shall wear dress pants or have their top button done up or wear Velcro shoes.’ Therefore, everybody just uses their inbuilt radar and good old fashioned assumptions to decide what they’re socially allowed to do and what they aren’t.
And their inbuilt radar might be a little off. So mostly, everyone thinks they can’t do a lot of things that actually, they’d be totally fine to.
In short, if you want to eat a sausage roll, then you go for it. Nobody will think of you any differently because of it.

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