Jodie knew that Mike was, shall we say, was ... not normal?
but she never knew the consequences of a friendly chat could turn into life or death situation


1. One

"You're gonna love Brandon!"  one of my best friend Kaitlyn said, "He's absolutely gorgeous, big brown eyes, short brown hair, an angel on earth!" I let her keep gushing. She has a righ to be, she has waited so long for a proper boyfriend (Larry doesn't count, it lasted for like, 6 hours). I knnew she could never accept the fact that when Annabelle and I had boyfriends, she didn't. Let's say that words poured out of her mouth like it was on fire. She was okay when Kev and Finn were gone, but i was always wary about her from that point on.

Let me introduce myself, I am Jodelyn Allison Marks, but people just call me Jodie. I have shoulder length mud-brown hair and bright, apple-green eyes. I know what you're thinking. Brown hair and green eyes? Blame it on genetics, I say. My two best friends are Annabelle Greenson and Kaitlyn Kelly. I live with my mum, Bev Marks, my older sister Elle and my younger brother Fergus.

"Hello," Kaitlyn said, waving her hand in front of my face,"anyone in Planet Jodelyn?" My head whipped round so fast, I was surprised it wasn't rolling on the floor. "Don't ever," I started," call me Jodelyn, again." Kaitlyn looked a bit confused, "What ever, take a chill pill Jodie." She replied, stressing on the word Jodie. I sighed, and Kaitlyn started droning on about how Brandon treats her right unlike Kev and Brandon doesn't matter how much the dinner bill unlike Finn. I sighed again, I heart a thud  and I realised my pencil case feel to the ground. As I turned around to pick it up, a mysterious looking boy was way in front, looking at me. I looked up to stare him in his perfect grey eyes and felt a hot shiver shudder through me. My knees begin to wobble.

 "Who is that?" Kaitlyn asked.

"It's an angel" I said, and fell to the ground.

#thanks for reading. Should I continue or make another?#

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