Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


7. The Good Night Has Ended

Liam's P.O.V

What was Niall doing in her room? Something was up.

We got to my house and there were already people, we all said hi to everyone ate and then went upstairs where we saw the boys sleeping. Perfect.

Niall- Well I'm tired, goodnight Liam.

Liam- So what happended to Maia?

Niall- I was just talking to Mrs. Ross and she came in and fell, shivering so I helped her up and to her bed. She was cold so I wrapped her in a blanket, she went to her bed and I stayed there not knowing what to do and then she went to the bathroom to change and then came back and we talked.

Liam- Oh ok.

Niall- Not to be rude mate but you really did hurt her.

Liam- I know...

Niall- Well goodnight mate.

Liam- Goodnight.


Niall's P.O.V

I can't believe I just lied to Liam, but I knew Maia was going to tell him so I went to sleep, at midnight I got a text from Maia.

Maia- You still up Irish boy?;)

Niall- Yep

Maia- Come to my balcony:)

Niall- Anything for you princess:)

I quietly got up, making sure I didn't wake anyone up. I quietly closed the backdoor and walked in the back until I saw a light coming through her room.

Maia whispered- Climb up!

Niall- You crazy??

Maia- If you do it I'll give you a makeout session.

I went right up but I slipped on a branch because it was icy and fell down to the ground.

Niall- Ouch....

Maia- Oh my Gosh Niall!

She climbed down the branches fast and kneeled beside me.

Maia- Are you okay?

Niall- If I say I'm okay will I still get that session?

She giggled, man that just made strong enough to kiss her.

Maia- Let's go in my house.

Niall- No I'm fineee.

Maia- Your freezing how are you fine?

She put an arm around my waist and helped me upstairs to her room, she put me in the covers and took off her shoes.

Niall- Your cold too.

Maia- I don't care.

I took off my jacket and was about to get up but she pushed me back down.

Maia- I got it.

She grabbed my jacket and put it on a hanger.

Maia- you okay?

Niall- I'm fine, I'm going to go home.

I got up from her bed and was about halfway to the door when I tripped and fell.

I screamed but in a whipered and let a tear fall. Dammit I'm not supposed to be crying in front of her!

Maia- Niall! Stop hurting yourself!

I gave her a shaky laugh and crawled my up to the side of her bed and sat there.

Maia- I'll be right back.

She went quietly in the hall and came back with a cream.

Maia- Where does it hurt?

Niall- On my back.

I took off my shirt and she turned red, I smiled.

Niall- What? Never seen a shirtless guy before?

Maia- Just turn around.

I turned around and she gasped.

Niall- What?

I get up and go to her mirror and see a big fat bruise planted on my back. Maia made me kneel down on the side of the bed and puts the cream, at first it hurts like CRAZY but it soon felt better.

Maia- Let it air, so don't put your shirt on.

Niall- You just like to see me shirtless

She blushed and I pulled her into my arms, I whispered in her ear- Thank-you, you should know that you give me butterflies.

Maia- Your sexy. OH my gosh I CANT BELIVE I JUST SAID THAT!!!

She pushed away, she was red and slapping her head.

Niall- Hey it's ok, I'm used to it but not to a girl that I like..

Maia- Yea but you Niall Hor-

I cut her off by putting my lips on to her lips, she was shocked at first but then wrapped her arms around my neck and then let go.

Maia- That was ummm....

Niall- Amazing? Awesome? Out of this world?

She smiled- Magical.

Niall- Well your a magical girl.

She blushed and crawled into her bed, and patted the bed so I can go there.

Niall- I wish I could love, but I have to get back.

I put on my shirt carefully and put on my jacket.

Maia- But I don't want you to go.

I smile- I don't want to go either.

I kissed her forehead, put on my shoes and go to the balcony.

Maia- Let's go down the front door, I don't need you getting hurt.

We went downstairs, and I took her hand then I quietly opended the front door and kissed her cheek goodnite then I left.

Maia's P.O.V

This was a perfect night, I didn't care about Liam anymore, I liked Niall now. He left and I realized that I didn't kiss him back goodnite I ran outside with socks on not caring if my socks would get wet.

Maia- Niall wait!

Niall- Do you have shoes on?!?

Maia- No! Just come here!

He came over, his breath came out as fog.

Niall- Your going to get sick!

I grabbed his face and kissed him, then hugged him.

Maia- I'm going to love sick, and your the one who's causing it.

I felt him smile, then he picked me up bridal style and put me on front porch.

Niall- Goodnite princess.

I was his princess:)

Maia- Goodnight.

Niall- I'll see you tommorow?

Maia- Of course you will.

He kissed me one more time and then went back to Liam's house

Niall's P.O.V


I got to the door and queitly went up stairs and softly went back to sleep thinking about that amazing kiss.

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