Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


29. The Day with Daddy

Niall's P.O.V

What is wrong with me? Am I craazy in love that it makes me mad?

Niall- Where am I?

I realized I'm in town and I see a bar.

Niall- No, I am not getting drunk.

I keep on walking till I see a hotel.

Papz- Niall is that you?

Niall- Uh-oh!

The paparizz start coming towards me and take photos, thank god I wasn't looking directly at them or they wouldve seen my purple eye.

Niall- Look I'll answer a few questions and you guys can leave me alone?

Papz-Niall why are you out here so late?

Niall- It's called taking a walk.

Papz- Is it true that you went back to Ireland? Why?

Niall- Homesick I love the boys but I needed to see my mum, now goodnight!

I walk into the hotel and order for a room. I get into bed and go to sleep.

Maia's P.O.V

Dad- Maia come on lets go!

I groaned and woke up to arms around me.

Maia- Niall?

I look over my shoulder and see Harry behind me and Louis in front of me. I decied to play a trick on Harry and start to kiss his neck while on top of him.

Harry- Mhmmm baby that feels good.

Maia- Your so sexy.

He opens his eyes but then flips out and pushes me off.

Harry- Maia! Are you crazy!

I look like a slient walrus clapping it's flippers together laughing.

Harry- Not funny.

Maia- Yea it is.

Louis- Yes it is.

Harry- Morning BooBear.

Louis- Morning Haz.

Dad- Is everything okay?

Maia- Yea come in.

He came in dressed up( Not as in fancy but for hang out or to go out.)

Dad- Where's Niall?

Maia- He went to Liam's to go discuss some songs.

Dad- Okay well get dressed we are having a daddy daughter day.

Maia- Yay!

He smiled and kisses my forehead then leaves.

Louis- I have your outfit!

He goes into my closet and picks out jeans, longsleeved shirt and boots with a white beanie and a white scarf.

Maia- Thanks Lou!

Louis- Now do you need help undressing?

Maia- Yes I do!

Louis smiled and took off my shirt, we both see Harry's boner pop up as he see me in my bra.

Harry- I should go...

Louis- LOL yes we should.

I laugh and put on my clothes, brush my teeth, do my hair, put some perfume and go downstairs.

Dad- You look so pretty.

Louis- Enough to make Harry's wee-wee pop up.

Harry turned a bright red.

Zayn- Hello?

Mum- Come in!

Zayn- Hello Liam is still getting ready to come over.

Dad- Where's Niall?

I give him a face and he understood.

Zayn- Niall is waiting for him.

Dad- Such a gentle men!

Zayn came over to me and gave me a hug.

Zayn- Your welcome but Niall is in a hotel, he's all over the news. We might have to leave early.

Niall leaving early? I dont want him to though.

Dad- Come on baby girl lets go.

I grab his hand and we go.

At the town

Dad- So where to?

Maia-I dont care, the library has some new books.

Dad- Perfect! I need to finish the Maxium Ride Series.

We go to the library and Dad get's the second one and third one.

Dad- Which one are you on?

Maia- I'm already done with that series, I'm on a new book called Tunnels.

Dad- You read so fast. So where to next?

Maia- I don't know.

Dad- I know where.

He drives us to go-karting arena. You don't know how many times I've beaten my dad at this game, but he still likes it.

Dad- I'm going to beat you this time. I've had practice.

Maia- Wanna make it a bit more challenging? Who ever loses has to buy the other person icecream.

Dad- Yum! your on!

After five rounds my dad actually won!

Dad- When I in the usa my friend Ricky and some others went to a go-karting place, showed the tricks to me.

Maia- Well come on, I have to buy my daddy an icecream.

We walk to the icecream place since it was a block away.

Server- Isn't a bit chilly for icecream?

Dad- Not for the rosses!

Server- What ever. Here ya go.

We sit at a table and eat our icecream.

Dad- How's school?

Maia- I'm going to take college next year.

Dad- That's good, more time so I can come.

Maia- Yea, work is okay boss said to not come in for a while says he wants newbie's.

Dad- Great.

Maia- Yep!

Dad- So why Niall?

I looked up at him.

Maia- He made me feel different, like I was the only girl on the planet.

Dad- Didn't Liam make you feel like that?

Maia- Liam is basically my brother so no.

Dad- Well I dont care which one of them you date, they are both gentlemen but I got to say Niall can be tough sometimes.

Maia- He's protective.

Dad- You got that right but I like that.

Maia- Of course you do.

He smiles and throws our cups away before we head back home.

Liam's P.O.V

Paul- We have to leave next week Liam!

Liam- Please Paul one more week!

Paul- Fine but stay low and espically Niall and his new girlfriend I don't want papz getting this stuff. You know how some of the fans get when one of you guys get with a girl.

Liam- I promise

Paul- Make sure to get Niall out of the hotel.

Liam- Alright.

Paul- Bye.

I hung up the phone, why was Niall at a hotel? Was he with Maia?

Mum- Where's Zayn?

Liam- In the loo taking a poop.

Mum- Oh okay.

Liam- Hey mum can you do a favor?

Mum- Sure?

Liam- Can you go to the hotel and pick up Niall?

Mum- Which one? The one  right out of town?

Liam- Yep

Mum- Alright. Text him.

Liam- Will do!

I grab my phone and text Niall.

Liam txt- Hey me mum is going to pick u up from the hotel.

Niall txt- great make sure she goes through the back there are papz in the front.

Liam txt- Is maia with u?

Niall txt- No we kind of got in argument, nothing major I just needed some air.

Liam txt- k see u ltrz.

Zayn- Oh my gosh that was the biggest dump.

Liam- Haha so what ya wanna do?

Zayn- Harry and Louis are helping Maia's mum, so how about we do a video thing?

We set up the stuff and were saying hi to million fans.

Harry's P.O.V

Maia's Mum- Thanks so much boys

Louis- No problem.

Maia's mum- Maia will be home soon now if you excuse me I have to go.

She got in her car and took off.

Louis- Haz?

HArry- Yea Boobear?

Louis- Are you cold?

Harry- Yea.

Louis- Cuz I can tell.

He pointed at my thing and I quickly coverd it and ran inside.

Louis- Ah come on Haz open up.

I was in Maia's room trying to get my boner to stop.

Harry- Fine but stop making fun of my thing.

Louis- Fine.

I open the door and he comes in and plops himself down on Maia's bed.

Louis- What's wrong Haz?

I love you so much that I want to kiss that's what's wrong, everytime I look at you I get turned on.

Harry- I like this person.

Louis- Is it Maia?

Harry- No.

Louis- Do I know them.

Harry- Since the day you were born.

Louis- My sister.

Harry- Nope.

Louis- Then who?

I sighed and sat down next to him and grabbed his hand.

Harry- He's sitting right next to me.

Louis turned pink and smiled.

Louis- I've been dying to hear those words.

I smile and kiss him soon I get on top of him and continue, his hands are in my hair. Louis smiles in the kiss.

Harry- What?

Louis- Your so turned on that your pants might break off.

I look down and see it and smile.

Harry- It's all because of you.

He smiles and continues, soon I ask permission and lets me go in his mouth playing with his tounge. I start to take off my shirt.

Louis- Easy tiger.

Harry- But I want you.

Louis- And I want you too but what about the boys and Maia?

Harry- we'll tell them.

He smiles and pushes me off of him but goes into my arms and sleeps.

Maia's P.O.V

Dad- Funnest day ever.

Maia- Me too

We go inside, Dad starts playing with PooBear so I go upstairs to see Louis and Harry snuggled up in my bed sleeping.

I feel my phone vibrate.

Niall txt- Go outside on your balcony.

I go down and see Niall right there, climbing up. Once he reaches the top I attack him.

Niall- I'm so sorry I was just...

Maia- I know.

He breaks the hug and gives me a kiss. I bring my hand up to Niall's neck and bring him closer, his hand goes lower down my back and stops right before my butt.

Dad- Like I said he's a gentlemen.

I sprung around, I'm so red.

Maia- Dad! How long have you been there.

Dad- Long enough to see you two make out, calm down I'm not going to hurt Niall.

I hear Niall's breathe let out more easier.

Dad- I'm going to go see some old friends and say hi.

Maia- Okay.

Dad smiled and left. I felt kisses go down my neck, I let out a small moan.

Maia- I love you.

Niall- I love you too. I'm sorry.

Maia- It's fine now let's go take a nap.


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