Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


38. Taking it Slow

Maia's P.O.V

Niall came in and just stood there.

Liam- I'm going to go alright?

Maia- Yea, see you in the morning.

He nodded patted my shoulder and went to the door when Niall stopped him and whispered something in Liam's ear before letting him go and closing the door.

Maia- I think we need to slow it down.

Niall looked at me and then slowly walked over and sat next to me.

Niall- You heard didn't you? The screaming.

I nodded and started to play with my fingers.

Maia- Niall, I understand that I'm your first girlfriend and that you really care for me but we're taking this relationship a bit too fast, we haven't even gone on a date and we're already basically snogging and sleeping(JUST SLEEPING NOTHING ELSE!) together.

Niall- Did Liam talk to you?

Maia- A bit, but Perrie-


Maia- Niall, I'm not stupid no matter what you will be jealous of Liam and I because we had a past. 

Niall- Well of course I'm going to be jealous!

Maia- But that doesn't mean that if someone says be careful with me that you should get mad at them and go completely ballistic and ruin your friendship with them!



I looked around and realized that we were shouting at each other across the room, Niall near the door and I standing, the bed behind me. 

Maia- I'm going back home after the interview, we both need some time to think.

Niall- I don't need to think.

Maia- Well I do.

Niall- About what? Choosing who you want?

Maia- No,I like you Niall but we're taking this too fast. We've been dating for what maybe a month or two? We haven't even gone on a date I think! 

Niall- Maia, don't go. If your not here I'm going to go crazy. I just got you back.

Maia- Well maybe you need to lose me again.

He looked and I was about to break down, his eyes were watery and a single tear fell. I went over to him and hugged him, he basically squished me like he never wanted me to go.

Maia- I'm going to go.

Niall- Your leaving now?

Maia- It's better if I leave now so I'm not here for the interview.

Niall- No don't leave, I need you.

Maia- You need your friends right now and they need you.

Niall- You are one of my friends.

Maia- And you are too but right now maybe we should just stay friends, you know start over?

He let go of the hug and looked at me.

Niall- Start over? But I like the other plan where you leave but we still stay together!

I smiled- Niall I think it's better if we start over.

Niall- I don't like this one bit because that means you can kiss any guy you want.

Maia- Yep!

Niall- Oh and your happy? What because you get to kiss Liam?

Maia- Think about this way, your the last one I want.

Niall- I like that.

I smiled and  hugged him again, we stood there for a bit more before I got my stuff.

Niall- Before you go can I get a kiss before we end this and be friends?

Maia- Nope, but you can get a kiss on the cheek.

He gave me a look but gave me his cheek and I was about to kiss it when he turned and kissed my lips.

Maia- Niall!

He gave me a cheeky grin and hugged me.

Maia- I'm going to tell Liam, you should get some sleep.

Niall- Alright Goodnight, friend.

I smiled and said the same thing before heading to Liam's room.

Liam- I swear if it's a fan...

He opened the door and saw me.

Maia- Niall and I talked were taking it slow and going back to square one-friends.

Liam- So does that mean that I can kiss you?

I smiled- Yes but your not going to do that because you are like a brother to me. Anyways I'm leaving tomorrow morning before the interview and since Niall and I are friends it would be better if I slept with you.

Liam- Does he know that?

Maia- No.

Liam smiled and let me in after I put my stuff down I jumped on his bed and snuggled in.

Liam- You going to let me in?

I smiled and nodded no.

Liam- Well too bad, move on over.

I wiggled over till Liam could get in, he was only wearing pajama pants. 

Maia- Do all you boys wear just pants?

Liam- Harry usually sleeps naked and I think Zayn is the only one who wears a shirt with boxers.

Maia- Ew, at least Zayn is a gentlemen.

Liam- Don't you say that, you know I'm sexy with out my shirt on.

Maia- You're adorable with out your shirt on.

Liam- It's only 10 p.m.

Maia- Well it's time to sleep so goodnight.

Liam- Snuggle with me?

Maia- Liam your a big boy go to bed!


Maia- Do you always do this with the boys?

Liam- I snuggle with the boys, Perrie and Eleanor and you of course.

Maia- Fine.

I scooted over till my body was pressed against his.

Liam- Maia.

Maia- Yea?

Liam- How about you just stay here? You know just stay in my place.

Maia- So you can have me to yourself?

Liam chuckled- Maybe.

Maia- Liam, that wouldn't be fair and what if the boys come in here?

Liam- So you considering it?

Maia- No, I'm still going home. I just want to hear your answer.

Liam- Well I won't let them in, say it's to messy.

Maia- You are the worst liar ever.

Liam chuckled once more before he started to play with my hair, he knew that made me go to sleep easily and it was true because ten minutes later I was sleeping.

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