Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


9. Shopping!

Maia's P.O.V

Amanda- Well that was awkward!

Maia- Yea sorry about that...

Amanda- Liam is kind of cute.

Maia- Take him! I have Niall.

We went into a store, and picked out some clothes.

Amanda- Have you told Liam yet?

Maia- Why should I?

Amanda- Your kidding me right? He totally likes you!

Maia- I did too after he left me and never talked to me!

Amanda- Oh well, look at this scarf!

Niall's P.O.V

We came home and the boy start playin FIFA.

Niall- Hey I'm going to go back into town, I didn't bring much clothes and I want to see what they have here.

Zayn- Bye mate!

Louis- Buy carrots!

Liam- If you want use my car!

Niall- Thanks mate!

I got into Liam's car and went off. I got there and got some pants, long sleeved shirts, shirts. I went into a store and saw a girl that was with Maia this morning.

Niall- Excuse me?

Amanda- Yes? Hey I'm Amanda.

Niall- Hello Amanda, are you Maia's friend?

Amanda- Yea, she's here with me.

Maia- Amanda who are you talking to?

Amanda- Some cute boy!

Maia- Well why didnt you tell me??

She ran out and was shocked when she saw me but a smile grew on her face.

Niall- Were you expecting someone else?

Maia- No...

Amanda- Yes you were!!

She came over and got on her tippytoes and kissed my cheek.

Maia- I'm glad you were the cute boy.

I smiled and kissed her.

Amanda- OK we get it you both are in love and love to see eachother.

We laugh and hold hands.

Niall- So where are you guys going?

Amanda- We were about to go to the book store want to come?

Niall- Sure but is there a place where i can buy carrots and some video games?

Maia- Right next door to the bookstore there is a video store.

We walk down to the book store, she goes and I go.

Niall- I'll be in the supermarket to buy carrots.

Maia- Bye

Amanda- You guys are going to see eachother soon!

I chuckle- Is someone lonely?

Amanda- Maybe...

Niall- Why if you have the most amazing bestfriend?

Maia blushes- Come on Amanda, we have to get some books!

After the video store I come out and see Maia with a small bag of carrots.

Amanda- You took forever!!

Niall- That's because I bought movies and a videogame. So now we have a movie night!

Maia- Yay!

Niall- And your invited Amanda.

She smiles- Thanks Niall so where?

Niall- At Liam's

Maia's smile drops- I'm not going over there!

Niall- It's ok, you'll be near me.

Maia- Fine.

Amanda- Yes, well I have to go so bye!

Maia and Niall- Bye

She left and soon it was me and Maia.

Maia- Well see ya later?

Niall- Yea.

She started walking, walking to her house!

Niall- Wait Maia! Do you want a drive home?

She smiled- Sure.

I took her hand and opended the door for her and then went to my side.

Niall- Seatbelt?

Maia- Always.

I smile and drive back to the house, she was telling about she wanted to go to Paris and Ireland.

Niall- Have you done college?

Maia- I took some classes in a community college, I'm waitng till 20.

I smile and take her hand and kiss it, she smiles but then frowns.

Niall- What's wrong Princess?

Maia- What if something goes wrong tonight? I dont want us to seperate.

Niall- We wont, I promise.

She smiles and kisses my cheek.

Niall- Were here.

She sighs- I want to spend the day with you.

Niall- Your so cute.

She smiles and unbuckles her seatbelt and then puts her fingers through my hair.

Maia- Your so adorable.

Then she puts her lips on mine, I smile and kiss her back. She scooches a little closer until she cant come any further.

Bark Bark!

She smiles and whispers in my ear- I have to go see ya later Irish boy.

I smile and give her a wink and then get out and get my stuff.


Liam's P.O.V

Niall- I'm home!

Liam- Hey what did you get?

Niall- clothes, movies and oh the new soccer game we wanted!


He smiles- Here I got you little ones!

Louis- Yay!

Louis rips open the packet and puts one in his mouth, we all laugh.

Liam- Why so many movies?

Niall- Because were having a movie night with Maia and her friend!

Awesome! Then I can talk to Maia and tell her how I feel.

Liam- Cool!

Niall- Yea there coming around 8.

Harry- We should order pizza.

Mom- Why are we ordering pizza?

Zayn- Maia and her friend is coming over.

Liam- Is that okay?

Mom- Sure I was actually going to go out for the night and probably wont be back by tommorow. Work- related stuff. Just don't burn the house! I actually have to go so bye!

Liam- Bye mum.

She smiles and left.





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