Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


39. Plans have been Changed

Liam's P.O.V

When she told me that her and Niall were going back to square one my mind wanted me to make out with her but I knew that she liked Niall so I had to remind my mind like a thousand times. I could soon feel her breathing get slower and knew she was asleep, I wasn't really that tired so I kept on playing with her hair then somehow I ended up playing with her hands, putting them in my hand and seeing how small they are compared to mine. She started to mumble something and then soon started to move.

Maia- Dad!

Dad? She started to then thrash and actually started to cry and scream, I covered her mouth so the boys wouldn't hear her.

Liam- Maia!

She kept on thrashing crying until she opened her eyes and was about to punch me in the stomach before I said my name and her eyes went back to normal. She quickly sat up and crawled into my lap and cried.

Liam- It's okay, what was it?

Maia- I came back to the house and he had them.

Liam- Who did?

Maia- The guy who was in my last nightmare.

Liam- It was just a dream. Do you need some air?

She nodded, I put her on the bed and was going to open the door when she grabbed my arm.

Maia- Don't go.

Liam- I'm just going to open the door.

She looked at me, she looked like a little girl not wanting her daddy to leave because she's afraid of the monsters under the bed. So I carried her opened the door and sat down, still having her in my lap.

Maia- What time is it?

Liam- 10:10

Maia- Make a wish.

I looked down at her and saw her mouthing words, I guess her wish so I closed my eyes and wished that Maia would have a good husband.

Maia- Your warm.

I looked down again and saw that she was snuggled up to me, her face in my neck. I looked up again and looked out to the city and moon.

Maia- Why didn't you call me? You called your mom everyday and she even spoke to you about me but even that you didn't call, no communication.

Liam- I was afraid to, we both know what happened last time I went into the x-factor. I thought that if I didn't call you, we would still be friends.

Maia- I called you once and you didn't answer so I thought you would call back and I understood that you were busy it just hurted me when you had time to call your mom every time you got a chance.

Liam- Well now when you call me I'll make sure to pick up.

Maia- Good, I should go to the airport.

Liam- Go to sleep, I'll wake you up when the sun rises.

Maia- Fine.

I got her a blanket and put it over us and went to bed. After what seems like ages I felt the sun hit my face and so did Maia because she woke up.

Maia- Morning.

Liam- Morning.

We kind of just stayed like that, watching the sun rise slowly.

Maia- Beautiful, Dad and I used to watch the sun set.

Liam- So am I the first person to see it with you in the morning?

She nodded and I smiled, I want it to stay like that just me and her. She got up and went to the bath-room to change so I did the bed and went to the couch to watch some telly.

News Reporter- Last night one direction went to Nandos and found out that Niall has a girlfriend? But when they came out they all looked sad? What happened in that restaurant? Maybe we'll find out today when one direction comes on here at 12.

Maia's P.O.V

Liam- Crap...

Maia- What?

Liam- Your going to have to stay, I guess Paul told them that your coming on with us and now they told about what happened in Nandos.

Maia groaned and flopped down next to me.

Maia- I don't want to have to fake things with Niall.

Liam- I know but you have to or else everything will go crazy, only Simon knows what happened in Nandos he thinks that you two are still together. Why don't we try to keep it that way so management doesn't go crazy and try to control you. We'll tell the group and that's it.

Maia- I say we should just tell them now.

Liam- They're all sleeping.

Maia- Fine then when are we going to tell them?

Liam- At 9.

Maia- And what time is it?

Liam- 8 in the morning, let's just watch some telly.

Maia- But I'm hungry!

Liam- Do you want room service?

Maia- That sounds good.

He smiled got the hotel phone and asked for room service thankfully it was a young girl that answered and she said of course, he ordered what we wanted and she soon came with our food. He put it in the room and whispered something in her ear to make her smile.

Maia- She's good looking.

Liam- Yea but not as beautiful as you.

Maia- Liam...

Liam- I told her that she was pretty and I hope that we see each other soon which I'm pretty sure we won't.

Maia- You little player.

Liam- I'm not a player, I'm a charmer.

Maia- And what's that?

Liam- I charm them with my sexiness.

Maia- haha okay.

We got chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon, biscuits, and milk. I was finished first and looked at the time; it was 8:45.

Maia- I'm going to go get dressed.

Liam- Why?

I looked and saw that I was wearing sweatpants and a pink shirt.

Maia- Your right, I'm going to get Niall.

He nodded and I left, I knocked on Niall's door.

 Niall- Liam ten more minutes!  It's bloody 9 o'clock!

Maia- Fine then continue sleeping!

I heard multiple crashes and Niall saying a bunch of cuss words before opening the door and embracing me.

Niall- You came back?

Maia- Sort of, I stayed at Liam's last night.

His face disappeared when he heard that.

Niall- But you said that you were leaving right away.

Maia- I was tired and I thought it was better if I slept over there than here since we're starting over.

Niall- Did you guys...

Maia- No Niall we didn't do anything except for snuggling.

Niall- Okay, good.

Maia- You can't be mad technically because I am single and so are you. But we can't say that today because I'm going to the interview with you guys, I have to.

Niall- Why?

Maia- Can we bring this inside?

He nodded and let me pass through, I sat on a chair while he went to put on a shirt.

Niall- So why do you have to come?

Liam- Because Paul already told them that I was going to be there and plus this morning they think that something happened in the restaurant so now if I don't show they think something really happened. Liam said the others should know that we're going back to square one but that's it.

Niall- Okay so what we need to act like nothing happened and that we're still together?

I nodded and stood up.

Niall- So does that mean during the interview I can do this?

He tilted my head up and softly kissed my lips and then stepped back, looking at me blushing and smiling.

Maia- Yes but only for that.

Niall- So can I also hug you, hold your hand and make out with you.

Maia- You can do everything but the last one.

He gave me a sad face but then grabbed my hand and kissed it.

Niall- So does that mean your not leaving?

Maia- I'm not leaving.

He grinned and took me in his arms and spun me around.

Maia- Niall! Calm down!

Niall- No! Your staying!

Maia- Yes but I'm staying with Liam that means.

Niall- Why not here? I'll sleep on the couch!

Maia- No, I know you Niall you'll try to wake me up by kissing me.

Niall- But isn't that the best way to wake you up?

Maia- Maybe but still, I want to show the others that we're not together.

Niall- So they start to think that you and Liam are?

Maia- Liam may still have feelings for me but he knows that I still have feelings for you.

Niall- Good.

I smiled and he finally put me down, we went to Harry's and Louis room and told them to come to Liam's room and then to Zayn and Perrie's room. Once everyone was gathered we stood in silence before Harry spoke up.

Harry- So what's up?

I nudged Niall and he kind of stumbled before he coughed and spoke up.

Niall- I should apologize for last night, I'm sorry Perrie for going bonkers on you and I'm sorry Zayn for basically choking you. I should be actually saying sorry to all of you.

Zayn- It's okay mate just next time you go bonkers I'm going to knock you out.

We all smiled and then stood up.

Maia- Thanks to Perrie for making me realize some things Niall and I are starting over all the way back to square one- Friends. But your management doesn't know that and I'm pretty sure we shouldn't tell them, this morning on the news they saw you guys last night leaving the restaurant and now they think something is up so now I have to go to the interview, act as if we're a couple.

Perrie- So who are you going to stay with since your friends with Niall.

Liam- She's staying here with me, I'm sleeping on the couch and she's sleeping on the bed.

Louis- So does that mean you guys are going to have to act all lovey dovey?

 I nodded hesitantly and then sat down putting my head in my hands.

Zayn- What's wrong?

Maia- I don't want to act, I want to be able to tell them that we're taking a little break and that's it. I don't want to kiss unless I mean it not just for some interview.

Perrie- Maia, I'm sorry for getting into your relation ship and I was hoping we can start over?

I smiled- I would like that.

Liam- I just got a text from Paul that we should get dressed and head down to the lobby.

We all we went back to our rooms and changed- I put on some black jeans and a blue/ pinkish plaid shirt with some converse, I straightened my hair and put some perfume on before going to the living room where Liam was sitting.

Liam- Ready?

I nodded and we went out to the hall where Louis and Niall were already waiting.

Louis- Harry and Zayn are doing there and Perrie is trying to get them both out.

Maia- Have you guys already ate?

They both nodded, we waited for a couple more minutes until we saw Perrie dragging Zayn and Harry out by the ear.

Harry- You've got a good girl Zayn!

Zayn- Thanks.

Perrie- These two were messing with each other making them fix their head's even more!

We all laughed and went into the elevator when we came down we saw Paul and fans outside, Niall grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

Niall- I'm sorry.

I shrugged my shoulders and put a smile on my face going outside to hear screaming fans. We got in the car and Paul started to discuss about on the news how we need to say nothing happened just tired and all like that.  

Louis- I have something to say.

Paul was in the front talking to someone so he wasn't paying attention. Louis grabbed Harry's hand and put it up.

Louis- Harry and I are in a relationship.

It was silence for a few seconds before people said congrats quietly, I knew they were made fore each other. Louis blushed and kissed Harry's cheek making Harry grin. We soon got there and by the time we got to the place we wanted to they were ready to start and soon she was saying good morning and all that stuff. She first interviewed the boys about how they started out and what's going to be expected and everything.

Liam- It's not a full on tour, we're here in America for some signings, interviews and a couple of concerts.

Interviewer- Well at least your here and that's what the fans want!

They all smiled as the crowd cheered.

Interviewer- Now I hear there's some love in the air? Niall?

Niall smiled at the ground and the looked at me before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Niall's P.O.V

I knew she didn't like this, yea she blushed when I kissed her cheek but I knew that she hated acting.

Interviewer- So what's Niall's new girlfriend name?

Maia- Maia.

Niall- Or my Princess.

Interviewer- So why don't you tell the fans and I how you two met?

Maia- Well Liam and I have been like brother and sister and when he's coming back from his tour he wanted to see his little sister which is me so he thought it would be funny to throw me into the snow with nothing but a tang top and shorts on.

Liam- Well you said you weren't coming down!

Maia- Well anyways, Niall was talking to my mum and when I came inside I fell, hitting my head so Niall helped me up to my room and something just sparked. I call him my Irish hero.

Interviewer- So how are you guys doing now?

Niall- We're taking things slow like any couple, a couple dates here and there when ever we can, we went on a double date with Perrie and Zayn.

Interviewer- Well you guys seem like a good couple but we have a question- What happened at Nandos last night? 

They showed a pic of the group leaving with sad faces, and they also showed Maia leaving early.

Maia- I wasn't feeling well that day, I'm not very good on planes and well I kind of let go of my dinner in my soda cup, and I felt embarrassed and ran out, Liam came after me and took care of me.

Interviewer- Where was Niall?

Louis- Let's just say that boy can eat fast but takes ages in the bathroom! 

We all laughed and so did the crowd.

Niall- That's why we left all sad, we were worried.

Interviewer- Are you feeling better?

Louis- Oh she's feeling better all right after Niall basically snogged with her!

Niall- I did not do that, I kissed her on the lips like this!

She looked at me and smiled before I covered the distance and gave her a soft kiss before breaking.

Harry- Niall's face is red as a tomato!

I could feel myself getting hot and Maia gave me a squeeze on the hand.

Liam's P.O.V 

I could tell Maia didn't like this one bit.

Interviewer- So how did you and Liam meet?

Liam- I want to say this- I think all the fans know that I was bullied when I was little, well in preschool she basically met me by kicking a bullies butt! 

Maia- My dad taught me some moves, he's in the army.

Interviewer- So your an army girl!

Maia- You could say it like that, I'm not much of the girly girly but I do like to look nice for Niall.

After Niall and Maia's little interview she went to Zayn and Perrie's relation ship and how Little Mix is doing, asked Harry some questions about his single life and then continued with some band questions and then we sung some songs and we were done.

Paul- That was great! We're going to stay here for a concert that's in two days and then we're off.

We all nodded and we got into the car.

Maia- I hated every one bit of it.

Liam- I know but now it's over.

Maia- I guess.

I could see that Niall was hurt but Maia hates lying.

Perrie- Come on lighten up Maia, at least you don't have a boyfriend that's obsessed with his hair.

She smiled and started to play with her fingers.

Louis- Since we're talking about relationships, I'm in a relationship.

Harry's head shot up and looked at Louis, Louis looked at Harry and smiled before kissing Harry on the cheek. It didn't even take a second for his cheeks to get red. We all said congrats, I already knew that Louis and Harry had a thing so it wasn't surprising but I was still happy.

Paul- Why are we saying congrats?

Liam- Because Harry got a new tattoo.

Paul- Not another one Harry!

Harry- It's on my bum, it says "Paul is the bomb!".

Paul- Very funny.

We all laughed and we soon got to the hotel.


Niall's P.O.V


I was pretty sad that Maia hated the interview but I understood why but saying every one bit? We got to the hotel and fans we're out there so we all quickly went in, while everyone was talking I was just playing with my phone, I soon felt someone's chin on my shoulder.

Maia- What you playing?

Niall- Angry Birds.

Maia- What's wrong?

Niall- Nothing just tired.

Maia- Niall, you would've been sleeping if you were tired. What's wrong?

Niall- Did you really hate every bit of the interview?

She got off my chin and stood in front of me.

Maia- I didn't hate all the parts, for example the kiss but I don't want to be fake kissing just for them. 

Niall- So basically your saying that you don't want to kiss me until we go back together.

Maia- But that doesn't mean we're going to rush this. I want us to stay friends for a while.

I groaned and she laughed.

Perrie- What we talking about?

Maia- Niall says he can't wait any longer.

Perrie- Niall if you don't have patience then go find another girl who wants to marry you in a week.

Niall- No I can wait!

They both laugh and start talking about girl stuff so I go over to the boys.

Zayn- Hey! So we were thinking after the concert we can go to a club or something.

Niall- Are we all old enough?

Zayn- Niall, Maia is like 19? Of course she is aloud to!

Harry- So what do you guys want to do now?

Liam- Well we're in South Carolina, let's go to the beach! Let me call Paul.

He went over to a fake plant and called Paul soon he came back with a smile on his face.

Liam- Let's go get our swimsuits.


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