Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


32. Plane Ride!

Maia's P.O.V

We got to the airport and I swear I almost got my earphones and just stuck them in my ears.

Niall- You get used to it.

Liam- You ready?

I grabbed  Niall's hand.

Maia- As long as Niall is next to me.

He smiled and kissed my cheek before opening the door and going out. The boys all smiled and waved, the boys signed autographs and took pictures.

Niall- Come on.

We went to a group of girls, Niall signed some.

Fan- Niall is that your girlfriend?

Niall smiled- Yes she is.

Fan- Can she sign my paper to?

Niall- Maia?

Maia- Sure.

I grab the pen and sign it and took her camera.

Maia- Alright let's take a picture.


The fan and Niall smiled and I took the picture.

Maia- Alright how about a silly face?

They both made a silly face and I gave back the camrea to her.

Niall- Your so nice.

He signed some more and then we went inside.

Liam- Some girl almost gave me a kiss on the lips.

Louis- Awww

After everything with the airport stuff we got on the plane, first class and we met up with Paul.

Paul- So this is the amazing Maia, I'm Paul.

Maia- Hello Paul I'm Maia, wait you already know that.

Louis- Uh-oh is someone nervous.

Paul- Well I am the big dog. So Maia are you ready to have hate, fans telling you to stay away the boys.

Liam- Paul.

Maia- Not really but I used to be that girl so I know how they feel.

Zayn- It's excuse me but I have to call my girlfriend saying that we are on the plane.

We all nodded.

Paul- Well the papparazzi are going to stalk you so I need you to be on the best.

Maia- Got it, and I bet your going to say don't distract Niall so he can focus on his music. I understand career comes before love.

Paul- I like you already. Boys we are going to amreica for an interview and if you would like Niall you can even have Maia come out with you guys.

Louis- That would be awesome.

Maia- I dont know..

Niall- Come on Maia that would make me a bit less nervous.

Harry- PLEASE?!!?!

Maia- Alright.

Paul- Perfect! Did you pack enough clothes while your staying with us?

Maia- Oh yes, Louis basically packed my whole closet!

Paul- Louis!

Louis- What? She's going to stay here for a while.

Paul- Anyways are you guys hungry?

 Niall- I am!

Maia- We just ate!

Niall- I'm in a mood for icecream or a sundae.

Paul- Let me ask.

Niall- Share it with me?

He gave me a puppy dog look and I messed his hair.

Maia- Fine. But if I get sick it's on you.

He smiled and kissed my nose. A lady came back with a sundae that had hot fudge and whipcream on top with choclate sprinkles.

Niall- Thank you!

Lady- Anything for you sweetie.

Maia- Can you get another spoon?

Lady- Sure anything for Mr. Horan's lady.

She gave me a fake smile and left, I guess she's jealous.

Louis- She's just jealous.

 Maia-I can tell

She came back with another spoon and gave it to me and left. Niall was almost done with it.

Maia- Niall!

He looked up at me and had hotfudge and whipcream near his mouth and nose.

Niall- Want some?

Maia- You have some whipcream and fudge.

He licked most of it but I licked his nose to get the whipcream off. We finsished the sundae, Niall asked for a blanket and got one he covered us and we both slept on eachother listening to music.




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