Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


34. Meeting Simon

Zayn's P.O.V

Zayn- I told him but he didn't take it well.

Perrie- Oh well, I'll meet you over there in America tommorow?

Zayn- Bye love.

Perrie- Bye.

I got off the phone, Maia came up to me, she was beautiful and Niall was lucky to have her.

Zayn- Hey Maia what's up?

Maia- I kind of feel like we haven't hanged out much, I know that you keep to your self but you don't have to do that with me.

Zayn- Thanks and I'm sorry you felt like that, it just takes a while with the lad's girlfriends.

Maia- Maybe I can learn more about you.

Zayn- That would be nice, have you ever heard of Little Mix?

Maia smiled- Yes your girlfriend, Perrie is in their. Is she coming?

Zayn- Yep.

Maia- Cool, I would like to meet her.

I didn't really like that idea since Perrie is worried but oh well.

Maia's P.O.V

We soon arrived and went to our hotel.

Liam- Okay so here are the rooms, Niall and Maia, Zayn and Perrie, Louis and Harry and I'm having a room to myself. Here are your keys. We are having dinner with Simon at six so be ready.

Niall grabs my hand and runs to the elevator pressing the button rapidly.

Louis- Someone really wants to spend some time with Maia.

Niall grins and then kisses my cheek, the doors open and Niall rushes in.

Louis- I'll just get the next one.

Once the door close Niall drops all of his things and starts to kiss me.

Maia- Woah easy there tiger.

He pushes me against the wall.

Niall- Is this better?

Maia- Sure. Notice the sarcasm.

Niall- Someone is being mean, now your not going to get Niall.

Maia- Okay I'm sorry.

Niall- Okay I accept your apology but now I'm not going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you shirtless.

Maia- Too late because we are already there.

He looked to see the doors open, he got his stuff and went to our room and opended the door.

Maia- Wow, that's a nice view.

Niall- I see a nice view everyday.

Maia- And what is that? My butt?

Niall- Maia, you know I'm not that nasty. Your my view.

I look at him and turn around.

Maia- You kill me with your niceness.

He smiles and hugs me.

Niall- I'm thirsty.

Maia- Way to kill the moment Niall.

He smiled and kissed me on the nose before he went to the fridge and pulled out a juice box.

Maia- Your such a kid.

Niall- Crap!

Maia- What happended?

I rusehd to him to see what happended.

Niall- I got orange juice on my shirt......

I saw a massive area of orange since he was wearing a white t-shirt.

Maia- Go take a shower.

Niall- How about you just wash my chest for me?

Maia- Niall, your a big boy.

Niall- PLEASE?!?!

Maia- Niall, no

Niall came over and started to poke me, after a minute I couldn't stand it.


Niall smiled- Yes.

He took off his shirt and I led him to the bathroom. I got a cloth that was wet and put some soap and started to wash him.

Maia- Your such a baby.

Niall- I'm a sexy baby.

Maia- And that has a big apatite, your done I've gotten all the stickyness off.

Niall- Good because now.

I smiled- Now we can watch some telly!

I ran to the bed and jumped on it, putting my face into the pillow.

Niall- You can't hide from me.

He spun me around and crashed his lips on to mine, I grabbed his neck and brought him closer.

Niall- I thought you didn't want me.

Maia- I didn't want your smart comments, I just want your lips and hands.

He smiled and tried to take off my shirt.

Maia- Niall no.

Simon- She's right Niall, it's time to stop playing games.


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