Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


15. I've been dying to see you.

Maia's P.O.V

Harry- Here's his adress, becareful.

Maia- Thanks you've guys have done so much for me.

I give them a group hug and go on to the plane. By the time we get there it's pouring thank god that I brought my umbrella! I go to a cafe and have some tea before seeing Niall.

Niall- Can I sit here with you? All the other seats are taken.

Maia- Sure go right ahead.

I didn't see who he was, he had a beanie on and had a scarf on.

Niall- So where do you come from? I saw an airport bus drop you off.

Maia- England.

He stopped stirring his tea and then continued.

Niall- Why are you coming to Ireland then?

Maia- To get find my boyfriend.

He looked up at me and his eyes widened.

Niall- I should uhhh get going....

He starts going when he stumbles on the floor and his scarf comes down and reaveals him. I just drop my mouth. He runs out the door and into his car, I go after him.

Niall's P.O.V

Why did I have to fall?!?! If I didn't she wouldn't see me and now follow me!

I get into my driveway and hide in the car and turn it off so she wont see it. I see her car driving into the street looking at each car, it pains me to do this I wish I could just go over there and kiss her and hold her. I text my mum- Look outside and see that car that's in the road? Help her while I sneak in.

Mum- Why who is she?

Niall- The girl I was talking about.

Mum- Okay.

I see her come outside with her rain outfit on and a umbrella she starts talking to Maia and I start to sneak in, thankfully she doesn't see me and I'm in.

Maia's P.O.V

I thought I saw him!

Mrs. Horan- Hello do you need help?

Maia- No, I thought I saw someone today and wanted to say hello but he didnt let me.

Mrs. Horan- Are you Maia?

Maia- How do you know my name?

Mrs. Horan- Because I'm Niall's mother.

Maia- And Niall talked about me?

Mrs. Horan- He can't.

I smile and wipe away my tears and cough.

Mrs. Horan- It's cold out here dear would you like to come in.

Maia- No I'm fine, I'll just go.

She puts her hand on my hand and then smiles and goes inside.

Niall's P.O.V

I'm pacing back and forth until my mum walks in and slaps me on the head.

Niall- ow!

Mum- That girl loves you! Now go talk to her!

Niall- I cant! she's probably with Liam or Liam still has dibs on her.

I look out the window and see her on the road sitting not caring if it's down right pouring.

Niall- What is she doing?!?!

I put on my shoes and run outside but carefully walk to her.

Maia- I've been waiting and waiting for you to come back, Amanda died and you weren't there to help me!

She stands up now and slaps me across the face.

Maia- I dont want you to become like Liam! He left and now you?

Niall- I didn't leave you. I was protecting you.

Maia- From what? You just by my side is protecting me! I loved you and I know that you love me! So why did you-

I grabbed her face and kissed it.

Niall- I've been dying to see you and have been dying to do that.

She smiles and kisses me again.

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