Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


24. Friends? No were brothers

Niall's P.O.V

It's been 15 minutes since they left and I was actually worried.

Karen- Niall will you go help them or see if they need help?

I smiled at her knowing she saw me worried and nodded my head. I put on my shoes and coat and went over their, I went in and saw Liam and Maia hugging. I went over there pulled Maia from Liam and kissed her even with tounge.

Niall- She is mine and always will be mine! For godsake Liam I love her and she loves me!

Maia- Niall he didn't do anything!

I looked at her andd try to see if she was covering for him.

Liam- It's true I didn't.

Niall- I still don't trust you.

Maia- At first I thought he was going to try to kiss me too but he just wanted to say sorry.

Liam- She even banged me in the head.

He showed me his read bump and then put the ice pack back down.

Liam- Look I know what I did was wrong and I am truly sorry for that but I do love Maia no matter what, but I see that she loves you. Can we be friends again mate?

I give him a smile- We were friends, but now were brothers.

He smiles and put his hands out but I give him a bear hug and knee his junk.

Liam- I guess I deserved that.

We all laugh and go back to the house.


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