Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


22. Can we please Talk?

Liam's P.O.V

I've stayed inside not talking to anyone, I've shaved my head.

Mum- Maia's dad is here, I'm going to go say hi.

I give her a nod.

Mum- You should come.

Liam- I don't think I can.

Mum- Well come for me then.

Liam- I cant.

Mum- Liam... For godsake Liam!

I turn around and see her crying.

Mum- It hurts me so much that your hurt and I know what you did and makes me angry but Liam you need to fix this. So please come with me.

I get up and hug my and then nod my head yes.

Maia's P.O.V

The boys and my dad were all talking about boy stuff while my mum and I were in the kitchen making dinner for tonight.

Mum- He really likes Niall.

I smile- I know.

Mum- Are you going to tell him Liam and everything.

Maia- I have to but I don't want to him to hurt Liam that bad.

She laughs and puts chips on the table.

Mum- If you guys are hungry here are some chips.

Zayn- Thank you Mrs. Ross.

Mum- How many times have I told you!? Call me mum! You boys are family.

Niall- I hope I'm a son-in-law!

Dad- You better ask my approval for that and it better be many years from now.

Niall- Well I'm 19 so maybe when I'm 21?

I laugh- I can here you guys, and isn't supposed to be a suprise?

Niall- Don't worry it will be!

I laugh and continue making the pie crusts. Harry and Louis walk in with worried faces.

Harry- Hey love.

Maia- Hey whats up?

Louis- Well we got a text from Liam, actually for a while now.

I stop and look at them.

Maia- And?

Harry- Well he's coming over to see your dad.

Maia- Okay just don't be awkward and act natural.

Louis- Your such a strong girl.

I give him a smile and give them a group hug.

Zayn- So Vas Happenin in here?

Louis- Well Liam is coming over, Maia's dad LOVES Niall and I hope there is carrots in dinner.

I laugh- You and your carrots.

Louis- Can I taste the apple pie first?

Maia- Sure I'll make a little pie just for you guys, for helping me with everything.

Harry- Thanks Maia.

Zayn- And we should be giving you a present! I mean you did let us sleepover here for a whole month!

Louis- Boys we are going shopping for Maia!

Maia- You guys dont-

Louis- Shush we are going if you like it or not.

They all smiled, kissed my cheek and ran out the door. I went to the living room and winced when the door was slammed shut.

Dad- Where are they going?

Maia- I'm making them a pie so they want to give something back.

Niall- I should've gone with them!

I smiled and sat next to him on the couch and kissed him on the lips.

Maia- You dont need to.

Dad- That's what all the woman say.

Niall- But I know it's true because her brown eyes always say everything.

Dad- She got that from me! Just saying.

Mum- She got everything from you.

My dad smiled and went over to her and grabbed her hands.

Dad- She got your beauty from you, your smile, the way you like to look away and smile, your laugh, even how you sleep she got it all from you.

My mum smiled and kissed him.

Mum- I've missed you so much.

Dad- I know.

I smile at the thought of our family getting back together. Niall stood up and took out his hand.

Niall- Come on, I think it's time we leave your parents alone and give them what they need.

I smile and took his hand.

Liam's P.O.V

We walk over and my mum rings the door bell.

Maia's mum opens it.

Maia's Mum- Karen!

Karen- Loren!

Maia's Mum- Please do come in!

I gave her a smile and a hug before she grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear.

Maia's Mum- Please no drama. But talk to Maia and work things out.

Liam- Thank you for understanding.

Maia's Mum- I am mad but you are like a step son to me.

I gave her smile and walked in only to be squished by Maia's dad hug.

Max- LIAM!!!

Liam- MAX!!!

Max- You've grown! And you shaved your head?

Liam- And your growing older!

He laughs and gives me another hug but then punches my gut, I smile remembering our bet of who would win when he got home.

Max- Give up?

Liam- I am going to win that 20 dollars.

I grab his arm pull it off my neck and then pin him to the ground.

Loren- Alright Liam won.

I let Max go and he smiled and gave me 5 dollars!

Max- Not so bad. Not so bad..

I smile and take the five dollars but then felt a pair of eyes watching me. I see Maia looking at me but once she noticed that I noticed she turned away.

Liam- Mum you forgot the brownies, Maia can you help me?

Niall and her head shot up and she nodded and put on her shoes and coat. We went to my house and got the brownies but before she left I grabbed her wrist she grabbed a pan and smacked on my head.

Liam- Ow! Maia what the hell?

Maia- Dont think you can get me over here and then kiss me.

Liam- I wasnt trying to I just wanted you to stop so we can talk!

Maia- Oh.....






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