Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


5. Bad Night turns into Good night

Niall's P.O.V

I was talking Maia's mom when Maia came in and slammed the door and fell to the floor.

Niall- Woah you look cold love! Let's warm you up.

She nodded and her arms reached out towards me, I helped her up but she fell back down.

Niall- I guess I'll have to carry you then.

I picked her up bridal style and figured out that the pink, messy room.

Maia- Sssorry itsss so mmessy.

I laughed and put her in her bed, she pats clumsy right next to her, I took off my jacket and shoes and went under the covers. She instantly snuggled up to me, breathing a bit easier.

Niall- You know I hear that if you are cold that the other person should take of their shirt to have body warmth.

She chuckled- Liam just had to be an ass the first day?

Niall- Am I an ass?

Maia- You are a gentlemen.

Man I was really liking this girl.

Niall- And you are sweet and cute.

She was snuggling up to me and soon her head was on my chest.

Maia- Thanks, I still can't move though.

Niall- Do you want to get dressed?

Maia- Yes, can you help me?

I got up but she pulled me back in.

Maia- It gets cold without you in here.

I smiled and kissed her forehead, then give her my shirt so she can wear it while I get her long sleved shirt and sweat pants.

Maia- Thanks

I put on her sweat pants and leave her to put on her shirt but when she started to take it off she screamed in pain.

Maia- Owww!

Niall- what's wrong?

Maia- My side... it hurts...

Niall- Let me see

I lifted her arm and saw a bruise.

Maia- Oh my gosh! Look you can't tell anyone.

Niall- But Liam did this to you!

Maia- And I'll talk to him but promise me you won't.

Niall- Fine but you have to give me a kiss on the cheek.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and blushed.

Maia- This might be un-comfartable but can you un-tie my bathing top?

Niall- Uhhh sure.

I un-tie it and hide under the covers while she gets a bra on.

Maia- Thanks can you help with my shirt?

I grab her shirt and put her arm in it very carefully and then the other arm, I look into her brown eyes.

Maia- What?

Niall- I bet this might sound cheesy but you do look beautiful.

Maia- I know

I laughed- and how would you know?

She smiled- Beause you said it.

I smiled and was about to kiss her when there was a knock on the door.

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