Who Would've Thought?

Maia thought that Liam had forgotten about her. Until one day she hears on the radio something that's so suprising..... What will happen when she meets the boys? Will she fall in love with Liam or with one of the other boys?


21. A week Later

Maia's P.O.V

This week my dad comes home but he had to postpone it to sunday, Niall and I came back from Ireland. Mum doesn't know about my scars, but I'm okay because Niall helped me:)

Niall- Maia, wake up.

Maia- Five more minutes.

Niall- That's what you said last time.

Maia- Five more minutes to do this.

I grabbed his neck and brought it down.

Niall- You can't sleep for five more mintues.

I smile in the kiss and pull him down so he's on top of me but then he hesitates and gets off of me.

Niall- We shouldn't being doing this.

Maia- Why not?

He smiled- Why don't you go downstairs?

Maia- Why? Wait...

Niall- Why dont you go find out?

I went speeding down the staris and saw a man with brown hair.

Dad- Hi baby

Maia- DADDY!!

I ran up to him and jumped on him crying and smiling.


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