Silent as the Night

Vanessa is a 12 year old Vampire with a lot to loose. This year she must leave her comfortable and safe place at the Vampire School, and enter the world of humans... "You see in vampire school, you graduate at the age of 12 and then you have to go in a human school. This is considered as the `coming of age` for Vampire children, even though we are still in school. Ancient tradition laid down by many generations of Vampires states this to be a momentous occasion and a reason to celebrate, but truthfully, it`s a nightmare." Quote from story


12. What to do now....


"Stop, we need to Stop!" I pant. As soon as we stopped running, me and Fredric collapsed. We are so unfit. The twins were pretty puffed too but Dylan's adrenalin is still pumping and apparently he doesn't get tired. 

"ARRRRRRRRRR" He yelled, frustrated and punched the tree next to us. It shattered and flew about 15 meters away from us. Holy shit, he was pissed.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM!!??!" Dylan screamed at me, enraged 

"BECAUSE I COULDN'T JUST LET HIM KNOW THAT I AM A VAMPIRE!!" I yelled back. Dylan was suddenly not angry anymore, to be honest he just looked relieved. 

There was an awkward silence for about a minute.

"How long would it take Charlie to get here from school on his bike?" I asked Fredric

"About 15 minu..." he trailed off "Ohhhhh No!" He said quietly

"WHAT?" We all yelled at him

"Look at Vanessa's leg." There was a tracking device stuck on. "We have been he for about 15 minutes and thats exactly how long it will take for Charlie to get here!"

Dylan turned to run but I stopped him "I can't run anymore!" I said, pitifully.

"I can hear someone coming!"The twins exclaimed together 

"We need to make it look like you're kidnapping me and that I am NOT a Vampire!" I commanded. Dylan quickly bound my wrists and picked me up...He has nice muscles..NOT NOW BRAIN! We had only just made it look like I was being kidnapped, when Charlie came around the corner.


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