Silent as the Night

Vanessa is a 12 year old Vampire with a lot to loose. This year she must leave her comfortable and safe place at the Vampire School, and enter the world of humans... "You see in vampire school, you graduate at the age of 12 and then you have to go in a human school. This is considered as the `coming of age` for Vampire children, even though we are still in school. Ancient tradition laid down by many generations of Vampires states this to be a momentous occasion and a reason to celebrate, but truthfully, it`s a nightmare." Quote from story


2. What The Hell???


So, here I am at human school, standing up in-front of atleast 600 bored high school students, being introduced by the principle. All I can think to myself is `dont flip, dont flip and bite someone`. Then I notice someone looking at me in a strange way, I realize that he is in my grade, but a year older. He seems to be looking right through me. Then I caught his eye and it seemed as if there was nothing left in the room, then he yawned, his mouth wide open and I thought I caught a glipse of pointed teeth then he gave me a big wink.

[ten minutes later]

I now have my seat in my advisor class, I am at the back. I have to share a desk with him. We have to watch a seriously disturbing video about online preditors, YUCK! The teacher tells us that she is going to leave the room for a few minutes, and she does.

Then, that guy actually pretends to streach and PUTS HIS ARM AROUND ME!!! I struggle a little, not wanting to attract attention.

"You really dont want to do that" Hey whispers in my ear

"Oh believe me"I reply "If you dont let go, you are putting yourslf in terrible danger"

"I dont think so, little vampire." He says, saucily

"Whoa!" I say "Go easy there on the sauce mister!" He just laughs and doesn`t remove his arm.

"Don`t worry about human school, I`ll help you get through" He says "Its not so bad after the first 6 months."

"Thanks, but no thanks." I say "I dont want help from the 7th grade player."

"Oh." He replies "I`m not a player, although I could be if I wanted to be since enough girls like me I`m just giving you special treatment." Like, thats not creepy at all! Like what the heck, its not like I dont have enough problems to be getting along with, now I have the most popular guy in 7th grade giving me `special treatment ` and to make things even worse, WE ARE BOTH VAMPIRES!!!! 


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