Silent as the Night

Vanessa is a 12 year old Vampire with a lot to loose. This year she must leave her comfortable and safe place at the Vampire School, and enter the world of humans... "You see in vampire school, you graduate at the age of 12 and then you have to go in a human school. This is considered as the `coming of age` for Vampire children, even though we are still in school. Ancient tradition laid down by many generations of Vampires states this to be a momentous occasion and a reason to celebrate, but truthfully, it`s a nightmare." Quote from story


10. Wait? Who are you?!?!


As I got my bag out of my locker, I saw a blonde girl in a very short skirt and way too much make up coming up to me.

"You are EVIL!" She yelled at me "You stole my boyfriend! You forced him to cheat on me with you and tricked him into thinking that he has feelings for you!" The hatred in her eyes was so strong it looked like her eyes were burning.

"What?" I asked, totally surprised and confused

"Don't try and play the white innocent with me, I know that you're the reason Charlie broke up with me!" She replied

"Wait! I'm sorry but, Who are you?!?!" I had absolutely no idea who she was, and then it clicked, the conversation with Charlie, `You have a girlfriend? Not for long!` The girl collapsed into tears right in front of me. I pulled her into a bear hug.

"I Love him so much!" She sobbed

"Come on, is he really worth crying about? If he dumps you as soon as another opportunity comes along, then he obviously doesn't deserve you!" She smiles up a me, because I'm pretty tall.

"d'ya think?" She asked me, hopefully

"Of course!" I reply

"I'm getting tears all over your shirt." She says, apologetically

"This old thing? Anyway, whats your name?" I ask


"Nice to meet you Sora, I'm Vanessa, and I'm new, and I need a girlfriend." 



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