Silent as the Night

Vanessa is a 12 year old Vampire with a lot to loose. This year she must leave her comfortable and safe place at the Vampire School, and enter the world of humans... "You see in vampire school, you graduate at the age of 12 and then you have to go in a human school. This is considered as the `coming of age` for Vampire children, even though we are still in school. Ancient tradition laid down by many generations of Vampires states this to be a momentous occasion and a reason to celebrate, but truthfully, it`s a nightmare." Quote from story


8. Meeting Charlie for the first time


I walk into my first lesson after lunch break - science- , and to my surprise, not one of the other Vampires is in the room. Shit. The teacher calls me up to the front and introduces me as the `new girl´ then asks if anyone would like to partner up with me, since they are already half way through a project and today they are experimenting.  Much to my horror, Charlie says

"She can work with me, since my partner is in hospital with sports wounds."

"That is very kind of you Charlie!" said the teacher, surprised. I work my way over to Charlie´s desk. Just by the way he held himself and by the amount of guys staring at him jealously, I could tell he was one of the ´Popular kids´.                                                       

"Hey Gorgeous." was the first thing he said.

"Hello, would have sufficed." I replied. Charlie had on pre-ripped designer jeans a Riverside high american football team t-shirt on. To top it all off, he had a LA baseball cap on... The wrong way.  He looked, as much as I hated to admit it, totally sexy.

" Come on, beautiful." He said, jokingly "Sit yourself down, relax, un-wind ooooooooohhhhh" And I couldn´t help laughing, because he had moved his head from side to side after every word. After that we had mainly gotten on with science work until he said

"Look, I couldn't help noticing you at lunch time. I want to warn you, me and Dylan are the two most popular Guys at this school, but we are also total enemies. And starting today YOU are the most gorgeous girl at this dump." I blushed and looked down " I´m serious" he said "I´m not saying you have to do it now, but eventually you will have to choose a side and whose side you choose may effect your life here....greatly"  

      He looked like he was about to say more, but at that moment, the bell for the end of class rang and I rushed out of there, avoiding the awkward.     


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