Silent as the Night

Vanessa is a 12 year old Vampire with a lot to loose. This year she must leave her comfortable and safe place at the Vampire School, and enter the world of humans... "You see in vampire school, you graduate at the age of 12 and then you have to go in a human school. This is considered as the `coming of age` for Vampire children, even though we are still in school. Ancient tradition laid down by many generations of Vampires states this to be a momentous occasion and a reason to celebrate, but truthfully, it`s a nightmare." Quote from story


3. Lunch Time


This is the part I was dreading, Lunch Time. Who am I going to sit with and how will that affect my social status??? I stand in the cue for school lunch, its pepperoni pizza which is OK, since it has meat it doesnt taste like cardboard.

Once I have my Pizza I also get myself a Cola and go to the check-out, he is there. I suddenly realise that I dont even know his name!

"Hey, Vanessa!" He calls. I have no choice but to go over to him, thanking my lucky stars that Vampires cant blush. I toss my long, deep brown hair in the most care-free way and say

"What is it?" My hair is one of the things I am proud of. It goes right down to my bum, and in summer it goes a rich golden brown, and in winter it goes so dark its almost black.  I also have rather special eyes, even if I do say so myself. They are deep green. Like the darkest coloured emerald. Although, like all vampires, they go blood red when I am angry.

"Nothing much." Hey replies "I just thought that you might want to sit with me and the gang." he lowers his voice so that only I can hear "After all, were all Vampires..." He lingered on the word `vampires` as if he was savouring it. "Oh, and you really dont have a choice."

"Fine" I say, and just to show him that I`m annoyed, I allow a few specks of red into my eyes.

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