You're my kryptonite

Brooke Vendos is a girl in her young twenties who wont let anything stop her from following her dreams of becoming a singer. Her parents went missing when she was only a kid, and is taught how to sing by her auntie who is a music teacher. When Brooke wins x-factor, everything changes. Just as she thinks nothing can make her loose track now, she meets Harry, and falls madly inlove.

This my first fan fiction so tell me what you think! xo


1. Something unexpected


-Brookes P.O.V-
I couldn't believe it. They called out my name, 'Brooke Vendos'! I had won x-factor 2012! confetti fell from the roof, and the crowd cheered! I gave my thank you speech and waved goodbye to the cameras.

After the show, everyone headed backstage. I was surrounded by hugs from the contestants, each congratulating me, until dean caught my eye. He was staring at me, and leaned in for a hug. I hugged him back, expecting him to let go after a few seconds, but he just hugged me tighter. “you deserve all of this” he whispered in my ear. I was startled and didn't know what to reply. As he let go of the hug he didn't even give me a second glance, he just walked away to go greet the fans in the back room.

My parents went missing when I was 5. The last thing I remember was them walking out of the front door, leaving everything behind. I lived with my Auntie Jackie, for the past 15 years, until I got my own apartment in the city. My aunt is a music teacher, and she taught me how to sing and play a couple instruments. Ever since, I have been in love with music, and made it my number on priority to make it my career.

“Brooke! We have to leave!” I snapped out of my flash back of deep thoughts and glanced towards the voice calling my name. It was my manager.

“I swear you're always off with the fairies, we need to get a move on love. The fans are going crazy!” he continued.

“Sorry Anthony!”I replied chasing after him. He lead me to the gates where we ran to the van outside, jumping in, hoping the fans hadn't noticed us. There was one person that did notice us though, and he was surround in fans himself. It was Dean. I knew the windows were tinted, but it seemed like he was still watching me.

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