You're my kryptonite

Brooke Vendos is a girl in her young twenties who wont let anything stop her from following her dreams of becoming a singer. Her parents went missing when she was only a kid, and is taught how to sing by her auntie who is a music teacher. When Brooke wins x-factor, everything changes. Just as she thinks nothing can make her loose track now, she meets Harry, and falls madly inlove.

This my first fan fiction so tell me what you think! xo


2. Meeting Harry Styles

-Brook's P.O.V-
The car stopped outside the Marchetta hotel. One of the most expensive, beautiful hotels I have ever laid eyes on.
“This is where you'll be staying for the next couple of weeks. I hope you don't find it too miserable princess.” teased Anthony.
“I guess it will have to do” I replied sarcastically.

After the hotel staff took my bags upstairs, I unpacked them and collapsed on the bed. I couldn't just lay here though, I had so much adrenalin, so I made my way down to the pool.

I sat on the edge of the pool, dangling my feet in the water.
'why didn't you put your bathers on Brooke, you're so dumb' I mumbled to myself.
“I’m sure the winner of x factor can't be that dumb” replied a voice that startled me so much I slipped off the edge of the pool and went straight under. I felt someone pull me by the waist to the shallow end and I gasped for air as I reached the edge.
“i'm sorry did I shock you?” I turned around to see Harry Styles staring right into my eyes.
“just a bit” I replied sarcastically. He began to laugh. More so at me then with me.
“I don't normally make girls wet that quickly”. He had the biggest smirk across his face, and I simply just gave him a death stare and climbed out of the pool.
“oi I was only joking!” he said following me out of the pool. I continued to walk towards the gate when stopped by him grabbing my hand sending shivers down my back. I turned around and faced him.
“Brooke, is it? I'm sorry Brooke, honestly” he continued while holding the grip on my hand tighter.
“don't worry about it, I just need to get into some dry clothes” I replied. He let go of my hand but was still looking into my eyes. He took a step closer towards me, closing the space between us.
“At least let me walk you to your room”
I took a step back and began walking towards the pool gate “fine Mr Styles, have it your way” i replied teasingly. 

We finally made it to my door, and I prepared for our goodbyes, but when I turned around, I saw a man soaking wet who had practically just saved my life and couldn't resist inviting him inside.

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